Question about chakras

In EA Koettings BALG book he at the start of the soul travel speaks that to begin you “Open and activate your chakras, pulling the power of Eternity down and then back up, until you are an open and receptive vessel, as well as a fully-charged storehouse of power.”

Could anyone clarify to me how to do that? What visualazations ETC.?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@DarkestKnight would know more, but I guess you would just visualize higher vibrational energy.

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Visualizations do help if you’re not good at feeling energy, but it’s best to feel the energy move around and up and down your chakras. You can control said energy as well. I charge my chakras by first visualizing a circle with the color associated with the chakra with a door on it and then visualizing the door opening and then focus on what feels like a pressure in the spot where the chakra is located and that same circle I see in my mind is now burning like the end of a torch.

Yeah. I saw that video too. He said something along the lines that it might be risky to your mental health to do so, so i’m probably going to work with em’ for now.

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Or just use the Black Sun to charge all of them all at once. That works like a charm.

In my experience, theres multiple ways to do that and visualization might not fully do it for me, but I use it to head start I think, I haven’t heard the experience much elsewhere. I must confess I’ve not read any of Ea’s books and I don’t know if he does explain about it so I’ll just give my input, I’ve read lots of books on stuff like the chakras and meditation, and had practice, my method is light and sound meditation but I weed out garb some don’t.

Meditation is said to be one of those things that does that exactly as Ea or you said, since I’ve heard explanations for and have explained my form of meditation very much same. I think it could be looked at like an invocation too, but maybe an evocation at that too partly, a thing I do in it with starting looking at any some light I see and repeating names of high power or source, but I think some particular charged words or just the raw thought is ideal, and don’t focus too hard or become acetic especially because I believe it can be used positively with people around too.

So what I do, I focus/look/gaze into the general middle space I start seeing a tiny bit of light its like looking through a fog and seeing a shiny bit, a small circle or dot of light which is like a visualization it feels, but as I do that focus generally there with the mantra with the right attention I start seeing other stuff around like shiny and dark pieces, and its as if I burn through those pieces a bit looking through them.

I usually see shiny bits then look like bigger dark pieces, and it produces good feelings and empowerment and brings more light from behind in the moment, and makes it easier to stay there more and explore further and feel that energy naturally, its supposed to free the chakras by working through the third eye directly. In my experience, I’ve got everything I want and more out of it I feel I don’t know who may have better ways but yeah. (I hate how long my replies always seem btw). Just personal expeirence