Question about BOTA Tarot and Archangels

I was listening to a Builder of the Adytum lecture from Anne Davies (I’m pretty sure that is her name).
Anyway, she says meditating on the Tarot cards will help whether you know what the card is really about or not. If you look at it you conscious mind may not know what is going on but your subconscious mind does. And just looking at the cards will activate part of you subconscious to kind of wake up.

Is this what is going on when people intone Divine Names and put the tree of life on their body.

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Not sure these are that related. Pathworking the Tarot, and pathworking the Kabbalistic Tree of LIfe/Death are related in terms of both being used as guided journeys of self-discovery, with each aspect representing an inner part of yourself.

I don’t really know what the point is of “intone Divine Names and put the tree of life on their body” - the intention this is done with is what’s important, not the action itself. Find that out and it will point you to the answer. Maybe someone else here knows.

Any symbolic something speaks to your subconscious mind, in this sense they’re related, but so are corporate logos and subliminals in adverts.


Idk I know I’ve wondered similar

I’m still convinced that you awaken “bits” of the subconscious mind and one day in time wake up just well, superhuman

Names… vibration

I’m gonna be really disappointed one day if I discover my hopes are dashed, let me down gently people

Suppose I am intoning the names, and seeing a sphere of color and having that sphere of color in the correct location on my body.
So maybe I say YHVH Sabaoth and imagine a green sphere at my left hip area.

Am I waking up those aspects in myself, or am I calling them into my aura and strengthening them that way.

OR am I invoking an angel, the angel shows up and I don’t say anything. And the angel thinks “who is this guy who calls me everyday and does not say or do anything”.

So, I guess my thought is, does this irritate them. if we have a sigil we have opened a door to that power/entity. are we harassing it if we don’t do anything.

I’m not sure what I am trying to ask. I guess I am asking if all this visualization and chanting is harrassment, or do they know (presumably by reading our intentions) that we are trying to invoke the positive aspects of that energy/entity and diminish the negative ones (or maybe vice versa). and then they assist in waking that up or maybe they bestow that aspect on us.

Maybe what I am asking is wouldn’t it be easier to just chant Ganesha’s name? And not have to worry about all this stuff.

Or more likely what I would do is just use an angelic sigil on each day of the week and chant it 108 times, would that do it?
So my daily practice could be a Cabbalistic Cross, LRP, do a lightning strike of the sephirot, and then chant/meditate on the angel of the day.

Sorry about the disjoinedness/confusion of this post. Its rambling but I don’t know what to do to get a decent daily practice for myself.

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