Question about baneful work

I have recently just did a rite to bring death to these individuals who put a love spell on me. I drew the sigils of azazel, lady bahomet (o9a), met kalfu (voodoo), and two other ones i cant remember. Lined them all around this saturn death symbol from ea koetting.I got something to cut my self with since I currently cant ascess a knife. Cut my blood and put it on the sigils. Started looking at them with the rage i had. And I think i made the connection. I dont see the sigils float up ot glow. Because I’m still working on my astral sight but i felt my third eye condense like a gulf ball in my head. Which allowed me to project to them and deliver. Thats the background but my question is, is it possible to send baneful work without needing so much theatrics. Dont get me wrong i went to bed angry. But i feel at peace now. So just wondering, because i have did work like this before with simple intent to destroy and made things happen. Just wondered if anyone had experince with this.


I think for the most part, most things are just tools for you to focus your will, blood aside. Sigils I think are good for establishing a new relationship, but after ones established I dont believe they’re necessary.

Just my two cents