Question about bael

So I know bael can hide things. Has anyone ever known him for being able to goto the extent of hiding stuff that’s literally on a database on a computer from the eyes of people. If so how did he go about hiding that cause I don’t see how that would work lol

Cause idk how he’d manipulate physical equipment. Maybe he’d manipulate the person to miss it🤔idk tho

He doesn’t literally hide things. What his power does is it alters the perception of those searching, so that they overlook what you’re trying to hide. It’s kind of like how, when you’re looking for your car keys, you always find them in a place you’ve already searched. You just didn’t notice them there.

As far as a database goes, it is actually very easy to overlook information on a computer screen. All it takes is scrolling too fast, or being bored, or thinking about the hot secretary instead of the task at hand, so the brain just doesn’t register what’s right in front of it. It happens all the time. It’s what people often call “absent mindedness” and all Bael does is amplify the tendency.


You think if I was just vague to bael. And instead of saying “hey can you hide the person from looking at this database” one could go more vague and say something like “hide any pathways to prevent this person from finding XYZ”. I guess I could ask him as well.

What I’m saying is idk if being specific to the computer would be better or saying to hide any pathways and other pathways to finding the info that’s on the database.