Question about Azazel

Azazel can be connected to JC Satan?



Have you tried asking him? :slight_smile:

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I’d like to know your opinions.
If it’s enough to ask everything to Demons, we can close the forum…


Azazel has nothing to do with Satan.


They are allies but in my opinion they are separate.

But this has been discussed many times on this forum already, over and over. So your sarcasm is misplaced. Try using the search and find out who we think Satan even is, this has a big effect on a complex answer depending on your POV.

No, Azazel isn’t Satan. Satan isn’t even a demon, that’s a Christian invention. In Judaism, Satan is just another angel with a specific job, his name is the Archangel Samael.


Actually Satan and Samael are very different.

Satan I know little about but he’s one of the highest ranking Demons.

Samael is complex, he’s both an Archangel and a Demon. He seems to be Angel like around me. Although he is also a ruler of one of the spheres of the Qliphothic tree.

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Not according to the Jews, who are the progenitors of the idea of Satan. Christianity is little more than Jewish fanfiction with a failed Messiah. The Rabbis will teach you that Satan is an angel, his job is to accuse men, he is the opposition attorney in the court of God. He is Archangel Samael, the Satan.

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Both do have a similar office in terms of Christianity and Judaism which is to like you say punish the guilty.

Archangel Samael according to those who work with him specializes in Offense and Defense while Lord Satan seems to be a jack of all trades. That’s where the difference lies.

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That’s because the Satan most individuals are working with is a thoughtform created by the Christian Church, it’s a being of rebellion against God and therefore needs the versatility of God to be a convincing threat.

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It’s not sarcasm.

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