Question about Azazel’s souls

What are the traits of a soul Azazel creates?


It depends on the mother mostly. Many are good fighters, some are healers, and others have sharp senses. All of his children are strong and intelligent.

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It doesn’t depend on the mother, a mother isn’t even needed.


Depends on the aspect. Azazel’s children typically are:

  • Fiery in nature and tend to be pretty skilled in combat.

  • Very attuned and sensitive to the energy around them which makes them quite skillful in manifestation and energy work.

  • Very diverse when it comes to their affinity. Some align more with the smokeless fire, some align more with the darker energies (abyss/shadow), and then there are some that embody both.

You also have other skills that some are naturally gifted in such as weapon crafting, healing, and alchemy.

As for physical traits, it overall depends on the timeline.

  • Some have more angelic traits (nephilim).

  • Some have more goat-like traits (se’irim).

  • Some have more chimerical traits (shedim).

These are the traits that come from Azazel, other traits can come from the female prospect he mates with but he doesn’t always produce a soul in this manner.


An interesting question would be: Are any of these souls incarnated and if so, who are they?

Yes, as for who they are. Probably some random people living their lives lol.

I orginally asked because Azazel told me he created someone I knew but said “they are lost to me”

But in retrospect knowing what who (the person is) I don’t think it was his soul.

I get the impression that there are lots of these people out there. My wife is a witch and she says that there are many azazels.

There’s one azazel that people talk about here but azazel is also just like any name, many people have that name. There’s THE Azazel, the scapegoat then there’s all the beings who were also named Azazel.

I agree with you. I should ask my wife to elaborate on her statement.