Question about astrology


is there any thread here that teaching about astrology?
i stumble upon a video about making money from binary option trading using astrology

i wonder if it is true

not true. gimmick. If your gonna use something to help you, better make sure you learn the whole system so as to not fall for gimmicks like this. That way with proper knowledge you can make sound judgement.

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Most people including I love to make money and they think lottery, gambling, sports betting, trading stocks is the fastest route, and will some lucky charms (magic) then life is going to be easier but they are wrong.

I usually advice before doing any games of chance for making more money there are two options,

  1. evoke a spirit to ask if these games of chances are for you, believe me most of the people don’t make it and sometimes even some experienced magicians loose money from these games of chances, of course they wont tell you . :blush:

  2. If its not then for ask the demons “what is your personal treasure”? Treasure i dont mean buried coins but something of value, and personal treasure means what job, business or an income type that you shall engage in to give a good and comfortable life you are seeking and what route you shall take to achieve that. It wont be an easy road but at least you will be sure on what you are doing
    (that was just general advice for anyone who it supposed to know it)

About your question,
Can astrology be used to predict on stock market,? YES
Does the methods most astrologist/ websites show are true? NO

Note i have said astrology can be used to predict on these games of chances/stock market but i have never used it myself. The question is why i mentioned it?

there are methods that are being used to predict on these games of chances

  1. Intuition. this is used most if the information is coming from the spirits themselves.
  2. Dreams. 3. Astrology
  3. Specific divination. Sometimes a houngan/ practioner is given divination methods that are going to be used only to predict on stock market, games of chances etc.
    (those are the only ones i know people use but there may be as many more)

There are some people who are really great on divination/astrology but they cant predict anything on stock market/game of chances because the power of prediction on stock market/game of chances is independent from the divination powers a magician may have.

So even if you are the best on divination but you don’t have the power over games of chances you will never predict accurately.
And this power till today i saw on two types of categories

  1. Natural born. these are the people that have talent on predicting these games of chances sometimes are people who have never touched magic.
  2. people who used magic. majority of magicians have won just small amounts (for those who were lucky to make it after heavy work) and these were casual play not because they had career on gambling. And those who really made it their secrets are heavily guarded and 99.99% they wont even come to public.

Of course this is the web that have many people do magic, and some who physically see and hear demons, but personally i met only one guy who won lottery several times. he didnt won millions but the last time he won almost hundred thousand euros but the majority if not 98% even in here they dont know how to do it, so they will tell you it is impossible.

And usually "impossible is for those who failed to do it, and possible is for those who made it"

So my friend if you are really into this, i wish you all the GOOD LUCK because am sure is going to be long and hard path to figure it out, :blush:

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thank you for a very straight and clear explanation sir
it give me more inside view and a mind opening, now i have some idea that i haven’t think of before for to what is the next step i must do.

i don’t know if i’am a natural born or not for this stock/currency market but i haven’t ready to give up yet

about the spirit envoking, for me personaly, i don’t have the courage and confident to do any evoking, not that i don’t believe it, it just that i still don’t know what to do if something go wrong
for example : what if the evoking got hijack (like some of the case i read here on other people post)
or anything that can go wrong that i haven’t know of

anyway the

meaning that it is hard but not possible right?

gonna do some more digging for more information now

again i thank you sir Akhtyahussein :slight_smile:

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See its astrology wester, indian chineses and demonic. Wat i can do is, set up all and get a reading pick a sistem and star from there every country, sistem has diferent views, to u to create your own destiny.