Question about Astral projection:

Okay so I hear astral projection is ALOT less complicated then most make it out to be, or at least the getting out part.

So my question is how do you know you are out? If your senses aren’t perfect?
Now I have developed my senses enough that when my eyes are closed I can see movement and my mental map of the area around me is slightly clearer.

I know when I’ve tried I’ll see (when meditating and eyes are closed) swirling faint light or pulsing lights (almost like a tunnel vision light effect) but haven’t been able to project myself out of my body. This happens usually when my body is very relaxed.

As I don’t feel any sensation when trying to “move my astral arms/etc”. Basically like if I imagined doing it now its the same as when I try and visualize then. And I know I can’t project right this second if I imagine doing so…

Also when I’ve tried, I still feel like I’m within my body…my awareness too.

So my question is how do I know if I’m out so that I can begin working on my senses further without it all being in my mind?

Like are there any signs or anything that usually happens when one projects to look out for?


I got a video on astral travel on my youtube channel man to help you.


Do you have any experience with “The Phase” method? I just saw a reference to it, it looks easy enough.

It’s one where your supposed to immediately try to separate apon awakening.

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I have done that often when I started soul travel. It ended up helping me. The way you can recognize you are out of the body if your body feels hollow or a portion weighs more than the other.


Well I’ll give your video link a watch, and will probably also try this Phase Method.

Thank you!


You are welcome man