Question about Alchemy

I’ve been interested in alchemy since I first saw “As above So below”, it just clicked but I didn’t see much to it.

A friend of mine is also interested in alchemy so I figured I should make a post for both of us with some questions.

  • What even is alchemy?

  • How does one do it?

  • What are some books on alchemy?

  • What are some online information on alchemy? That’ll just be easier.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing alot of things so can you guys just essentially sell the subject.

My friend is interested. I am still unsure.

Thanks for the help.


It depends on what kind of alchemy you are talking about.

There’s the alchemy of turning lead into gold, the forefather of modern chemistry.

There’s the inner alchemy of the self for raising and refining the energies of the body to achieve immortality.

There’s the dark alchemy of certain paths like the Path of Smoke that seek to refine the spiritual essence of the magician to achieve godhood.

Essentially, alchemy is the process of refining the essence of one thing into something else.


Well would Alchemy play a part in helping to regrow a body because something is telling me it would?

What type of Alchemy would that be?

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What is this “immortality” that everyone speaks of? I heard that its of the soul but I don’t get it.

What are some of the things about dark alchemy? I’ve always wanted to tap into a peaful darkness (where it harnesses anger but you can relax afterwards) but only came across methods that offer light or darkness. From what I see this could be one way, yeah?

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Actually, the inner alchemy of some Taoist schools has the aim of physical immortality. The same techniques lead to spiritual Ascension as well, but the ultimate goal of their development is the pursuit of living forever.

Spiritual immortality is seen as the ability to retain individual consciousness upon death instead of merging back into the Eternal Source.

Choose a path and begin to walk it. My understanding of dark alchemy is that it alters one’s spiritual makeup, using “Darkness” in a similar way to that of other paths that use “Divine Light.” The effect on the individual is different, but the goal is the same, spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.


Thanks that all helped. Also @chi had an interesting question too, is something like that possible?

If a body was destroyed to ashes. Can you take those ashes and remake the body as it once was?

A body reduced to ash? I doubt all the alchemy in the world would be able to reconstitute such a thing. I do believe it possible to regrow something like a limb though. It might even be possible to make the body impervious to being reduced to ash, though i cannot quite get myself to extend my belief that far at the moment. There is that parable about the Christians who were thrown in a furnace but didn’t burn after praying to God, after all.

I have read that Ascended masters are capable of manifesting a body for themselves if they wish to once more walk the material plane, but in that case they are not so much reconstituting their old body as creating a brand new one.


It’s not a human body but a spirits. I’m going to be working with Marbas and Raphael to possibly regrow it.

I’m not trying to make a new one but instead put his body back together the way it existed a few billion years ago.

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I wanted to say the same thing but you’ve said it all man

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Also,as far as I know,Qliphothic magick and Draconian tradition are both very big on alchemical self-transformation too


This is has been my experience.

Not sure if you are interested in plant and metal alchemy, but those also have an alchemical effect on the operator. I don’t have the funds to work with plant alchemy the way I want, but I will one day. Vegetable stones, tinctures, etc… It’s all very exciting. One book I read mentioned that if tea and herbal infusions can have such an impact on the body, what might alchemical products do? Alchemy with material is all about raising them to higher states/vibrations, and then ingesting them to raise the operator’s states/vibrations as well. The cycle of inner and outer work feeding each other leads to immortality, turning lead into gold, etc.

I also wanted to add that dark alchemy (And I assume inner alchemy of all kinds, including yoga) in my experience has changed my outer world as a reflection. I’ve been recently having experiences of just things falling into place exactly how I would have wanted them. Things I want to happen just happen sometimes. In my personal opinion, sorcery is very rarely needed (explicitly exerting energy to change the outer world) because inner alchemy will change the outer world in accordance with your goals.

This isn’t to say that nothing bad happens, or that you don’t have crises and obstacles, but trusting that all is for your benefit and ascension works for me. And trusting in your allies to have your back as well helps. What I’m trying to say is that if you focus on alchemy exclusively, sorcery happens without you even trying. This is a product of the maxim “As above, so below”.


Turning copper and lead into pure gold? The ancient belief in alchemy flourished in Europe from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

What is the meaning of the word alchemy? It was supposedly a medieval chemical process aiming to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold. Alchemy was a mysterious practice that reflected a world view very different from our modern science. The metals we know today as individual elements were believed by alchemists to be alive and growing underground. Metals like iron and lead were thought to be merely undeveloped “early” versions of precious metals.

Turing lead or copper into gold. Does anyone believe that could really happen? Wouldn’t it require magic?

Some of the ancient world’s most famous scientists did indeed believe iron could be turned into gold, and several of them tried desperately to make it happen for hundreds of years. Long before modern science became known, many early scientists were fascinated by alchemy. Knowing what we do today about science, alchemy sounds crazy doesn’t it? After all, it is no surprise that the alchemists failed in their quest, since the very idea of alchemy contradicts the basic laws of chemistry and physics. But… Maybe if you focus hard and chant your wish might come true turning that old wire cord or pipe into solid gold.


Thank you. Honestly I don’t know what I want to do.

I know for sure that I want to work on energy (I know there’s energy working for that) and I want to harness the darker side, more free side of the self. I want to be more in tune with myself and the things that I deny.

So as you mentioned:

It sounds like I’m in the right place. I’m trying to raise and/or heal whatever that I need to to reach those goals.

Are there any methods or places that I should start first at? Or can I just look at various alchemical processes and try each out?

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So you want to repair a spirit’s “body”? Who?

Different kinds of alchemy produce different results…You can use certain types to turn water into wine for example,or you can use it to transform yourself into a godlike being,if you get into Qliphoth you will start different alchemical processes which will change you and your perception of the world,same with any type of Draconian initiations,for me Qayin(Cain or Camio) initiated Alchemical processes too…He can help you with alchemy he is big on that


That settles my decision on the Qliphoth then. I’ve been eyeing a book on it but my lack of knowledge on what it contained kept me from it.

I don’t mind asking enities for opinions/ideas/help too. Can you tell more about him?

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He was the first real human.He killed his brother Abel and drank his blood,I believe Abel was a sacrifice,he was the first witch,first vampyre,first shapeshifter,he and his wife are first ascended masters.Some believe he was also the first freemason.After he died,he ascended and became a mini version of Baal aka got his powers and attributes.He is known as demon Camio in Goetia(Camio is Gaelic version of Hebrew word Qayin or English word Cain)…First time I invoked him I felt like my eyes were melting,my legs and arms were electricuted,my stomach and back were burning and my head was in pain but it changed me Qayin(Cain) is a very powerful spirit


That Cain. Now that I know more “recent” information about him, I’ll consider summoning him when I’m ready.

That was really helpful. Thanks.


No one that concerns you :relaxed: Just need to know if it’s possible.

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I would say go with the Qlippoth. Ask the rulers of each sphere to help you in your journey. As far as I am concerned, pathworking the spheres of the Qlippoth is dark alchemy.

The alchemical process are honestly not that important unless you are specifically working with plants, minerals, etc. For example, the crucible in mineral alchemy is used to remove impurities by heating the metal to a high temperature. This could easily be seen as the trials we face on the Path. It’s only painful because you are attached to the dross that must be removed to be refined. Every process can be related to inner work, and you will see quite literally that nothing happens in a vacuum and everything happens for a reason.

And of course we have the term: “Solve et Coagula”, meaning to break down and put together. Alchemy is about separating the parts of the material into their salt(body), sulfur(soul), and mercury(spirit), refining each separately, and then combining them to form something greater than what you started with. Because the microcosm and the macrocosm are so related (some would say, are the same), such a process changes the world around us. (PS. Or is mercury soul, sulfur-spirit? Can’t remember off the top of my head… :man_shrugging:)

My point is that no, you don’t need to worry about the processes themselves, for they are in effect as long as you are on the Path of ascension. I think it’s helpful to see what the processes are to make the connections I have, if you feel so inclined. But I don’t see it as necessary. If you are working with the Qlippoth, Samael and Lilith could point you in the right direction here.