Quest for immortality

so this is this book nine elixirs by some quthor i forget the name im not good whit names it promises psycal immortaly also there are franz bardon entites that promises imorrtaly i dont know what xa think guys

@raziel_harvester There are plenty of books that promise physical immortality. A lot of Tantric texts for starters as well as many of the Chinese Internal Alchemy texts. The Cabal is the only active Western-based group I know of though with physical immortality as their central goal. Drakon Covenant sort of hovers between that line but they are mainly focused on Spiritual Immortality. The OAA of course hints at immortality in some form in the last Section: “Lessons in Godhood”. They don’t seem as seriously committed to it as some other groups though.

i always dreamed of psycal immortaly i could read zilion of books expirences everxthing and choose not to incarnate it leaves the room for metapsycal pratice for me

@raziel_harvester Yes. I agree. Immortality is a goal worth pursuing.

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Also, this may prove an interesting read:


I am also trying to find a good public article on the beings that are often referred to by the monicker of Wamphyri, but there doesn’t seem to be anything. That is mostly spiritual immortality anyways though it has been suggested that the possession of a new living host may be possible in order to attain a form of physical immortality.


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That’s kind of the same thing as a vampire.


Seán Manchester, The Highgate Vampire, pg 38-40

To begin to understand the vampire at all, one must first relate in terms of the impossible becomes possible: a world where there is life in death. If the condition known as undead can be fully grasped, then we may then begin to unlock some of the mysteries of the vampire. One thing is certain, if we think of this paranormal phenomenon as haunting only past centuries we deceive ourselves.

Vampires have the ability to remain undead indefinitely if not dealt with in precise manner. We, on the other hand, age by the moment, the previous moment forever gone. And, like all living things, we die. This is not the case however, with the undead. They exist outside the confines of earthly time*⁹; therefore when discovered after centuries, a vampire might appear to have been dead for three score years at most—possibly much younger. It is a question of what earthly age he or she passed into the undead state. Time will do nothing thereafter to efface it’s condition at that moment.

We are familiar with three dimensions and the sequence of before, now, and after. This restricts us enormously when trying to comprehend the world of the undead. Our earthly bodies move in time. The vampire’s does not, but is trapped in a twilight hell between life and death. From this there is but one release and it will be the blessed hand that strikes the blow to set free te tormented soul.

The belief in vampires presupposes a belief in the existence of God, and of course, the devil: the vampire being manifest through demonic power. Some might subscribe to this predatory wraith as as a concentration of negative energy, but for those of the Judeo-Christian tradition it is an agent of Satan.

It should be remembered that the link between our world and that of the undead is found in Satanism and the black arts. Those devotees sufficiently wicked to merit the devil’s partiality are thought to continue their evil ambitions and selfish passions beyond the grave as satanic emissaries. It is hardly surprising that such person’s do not rest undisturbed in their graves after setting into motion such a malevolent force.

Its not magick but it might be interesting for you guys.:thinking:

Seems very far future right now to be honest.

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Wamphyri (according to that spelling) are fictional romanticized vampire in the Necroscope series by British writer Brian Lumley.

It comes from a Slavic word wampir, which is equivalent to the modern Romanian vampír, from whence comes the English “vampire” or “vampyr”. Wampyr is also an Old German word for vampire.

Heres everything you could possibly want to know about these hideous, disease spreading, undead pests: