Query on Paths

I am at the stage in my learning where I would like to choose a path to follow. Obviously I understand that only I may choose this but is there any list or categorized description of known magical paths that i can browse to select one? Or is this the type of thing that reveals itself to me in time?

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Choose one, or as many as you want. I usually advice to have a main path and incorporate things from the side paths to it. Entities such as Azazel are good advisors when it comes to choosing systems


I tried to make a list once for a friend, and I ended up with twenty different pantheons/paths and just stopped. I was like… I’m not helping lol.

That being said a few common ones-

Egyptian magic
Law of attraction
Native American tribal magic (each tribe seems to have its own beliefs)

Like I said we could list for days probably and still miss quite a few.

Many of these overlap, can be combined etc. just a few that came to mind when I saw the question without thinking on it too hard.


Thank You, this is exactly what I needed, there seems to be so many options I’m unsure where to begin :sweat_smile:

Well. If you start with google and thst short list, you’ll soon find a bunch more. I’ve spent a lot of time just researching different paths, and can’t begin to comprehend everything out there or the many I have left to scrape the surface on.

A path is something you choose unless you’re some of the people who have a pre-determined path, like some people were ‘meant’ to be “light workers” or some were meant to be shamans, etc. Personally I followed a freeform path starting out, direct magick/energy manipulation. Now I my path is a mix of druidism and chaos magick, basically keeping it’s roots in direct magick and intertwining with druidism.

Whether druidism was a pre-determined path possibly as it does tie into and connects to my spiritual aspect.

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Are there any signs that one may have untapped potential in these predetermined paths? Something like strong intuitive powers or power over animals maybe? I have always felt a strong connection to nature and the souls of other lifeforms that others take for granted

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I wouldn’t say 'strong intuitive powers" or ‘power over animals’ but for me I started being visited by nature spirits, mostly Fae and psychopomp things. So possibly more or so things will synchronize into your life that points in that direction.

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Hi there!

I know it is seems very very important to find a path, because once you find a specific traditions you can proceed to study it in depth and then apply its teachings to your practice. However, don’t feel like you have to rush it! It comes to you at some point, it really does- I know you probably heard this so often, but it’s true!

To figure out what you’d work best with and be interested in, I suggest writing down a list of all aspects of magick that interest you.

Are you more ceremonial in your approach to magick or not? Do you work with a specific deity/pantheon, or see energy/universe as not sentient beings? If you work with deities/pantheons, where do they come from? Are you looking for a theistic type of tradition, a religious and magick combined tradition, just magick without religion…?
Do you find yourself fitting more within the Left Hand Path or the Right Hand Path?
What type of things genuinely spark interest in you/are you good at (astronomy/astrology, herbs, healing, cursing, divination- if yes what type- etc.)?

I know it’s a lot, but these things can really help you get on track and can lead you to finding a path that best fits you.

Sometimes looking into your origin can also help! Where are you from? Where are your ancestors from?

I hope this is helpful in some way! Good luck!

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It will come to you. Personally I took it slow and over time everything came together. Good luck.

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“YOUR PATH MUST HAVE HEART” Castaneda…The teachings of Don Juan.