Queens Of The Elements Question

I’m feeling drawn torwards working with the elements.I started earlier this week and am working on feeling the energy of the element of earth and then eventually working with the ruling elemental spirits of earth so on and so on but i do have a few of questions?Where can i find the sigils of the queens?
Do they offer the same help that the kings do of each ruling element?
If not then what do they help with?
I found one site saying Terra is the queen of the element of earth then another saying Gaia is.Which is it or are they just different names for the same queen?

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I’ve never heard of any “Elemental Queens.” I’m vaguely aware that modern magicians took the four Kings of the Air and turned them into Elemental Kings or Watchtowers or something, after totally changing what the Elements were to fit some mystical hogwash… something something Cabala waves spooky hands.

Until folks like the Golden Dawn came along, spirits were classified by Planets and stars, not by element. Air was the name for the cloudy white substance spirits were made of and manifested out of, so most spirits that weren’t undines, salamanders, gnomes or whatever fell under the category of Air.