Queens KNights Princes and Princesses oh my

Does anybody have a break down of what queens knights princes and princesses represent in the thoth deck. I want to get this down pat asap. I know in the mastering divination video he says to go out right away and start reading but I want to get a better understanding befor I start. I dont want to give a reading and be like duh I dont know. any help would be greatly appreciated

Just out of curiosity does the mastering divination course not give the card meanings?

[quote="-TWF-, post:2, topic:2594"]Just out of curiosity does the mastering divination course not give the card meanings?[/quote]yeah but not in depth about the court cards. ill look at it again

Here’s a quick rundown as I use them

Wands-Fire-Will and Desire (All Wands in the Court are fiery and passionate)
Princess- Explosive and confrontational, willing to face fears and does not care who gets in the way while chasing a goal, but may regret it later.
Prince- Charismatic, with less control than the Knight, but still passionate and loving. Will is not set for the long term goals but immediate action or more reactionary.
Queen -Warm and loving, focused on the purpose and goals at hand
Knight -Charming and controlled, warm and loving and strong willed

Cups-Water-Emotion/Spirituality (All cups in the Court are intuitive and Spiritual)
Princess-Loving and kind but sheltered and not ready for conflict or confrontation or high stress.
Prince Cool and calm and collected, hides his emotions well and always appears in control.
Queen-Very intuitive (woman’s/Mother’s intuition) sometimes lets her emotions blind her to someone’s nature or even her own.
Knight-Moody and hard to please, turbulent and sometimes forceful

Swords-Air-Intellect (All Swords are intelligent and analytical)
Princess- Intelligent but ham fisted in approach, fact before tact and will tell one the ugly truth.
Prince- Clever and intriguing, often interested in the occult, often seen as an attacker or bad news will work for his own ends ,logic over emotion
Queen- Loyal and faithful but once crossed or hurt she is distrustful and vengeful.
Knight-Cold and hard, all logic with little emotion, The Just Judge, severe in punishment and strict in rules and laws.

Disks-Earth-Money/Family security(All Disks in the Court are level headed and hard workers)
Princess-Quiet and passive, avoids the limelight, gets satisfaction from a job well done.
Prince-Imaginative and resourceful, willing to take a chance to see a profit, willing to work hard but expects immediate gains for doing so.
Queen-The Matriarch of the family, caring and concerned, will not let her family or monetary security be put at risk.
Knight-Dull and unimaginative, slow moving and works hard for the large but slow return on investments (like a farmer). Does not take risks and prefers the safe and slow approach. Very possessive both of people and things.