Queen of Hell, Mark Allen Smith

I just bought The Scorpion God & The Queen of Hell by Mark Allen Smith. Ive asked him questions via email and he swears the only way to have a successful envocation is to call the quarters/elements.
I used to do that when i started years ago, but ive found chanting & being in an atered state is more effective.
Also, i have heard that calling the direction & circle casting keeps demons from u.
Id love mor perspectives on this.


I don’t see any reason why you can’t substitute with other entities


Some methods work better for certain magicians than others.

Do what you feel works best.


As what some might consider a primal craft witch, I have to say, while the rituals and methods described in the books (the trident trilogy builds on the earlier volume, so probably would be best to go through Red King before hopping onto Scorpion God.) are good and valid, other methods are far from useless. Most primal craft practitioners I know incorporate the books into other practices they may be more comfortable with. Even though the books may (or may not) be channelled gnosis from Hekate, the channellers (MAS) opinions and ideas on magic will still shine through quite heavily. Personally for evocation I usually use a (somewhat heavily) modified Koetting formula and it works quite well for me. Though I do often cast the Cloak of Night as well for any major working. On the other hand I also incorporate Koettings Circle and chants for many workings


Off topic, but I thought you were saying the Queen of hell was named Mark Allen Smith lol


Are you allowed to disclose the Koetting circle specifications? I am planning to buy his at some point, but the Smith books were very expensive.

There not exactly a secret I think :thinking:
Thats the circle of pacts, but I have no idea if it differs from the Universal circle, other than the Universal circles having a “helpful spirit” bound to them
I used blood smeared on each group of symbols to activate it. You can probably make it any size as long as you and your tools fit inside. (Though my altar actually doesn’t fit inside…by purpose)
Oh and your supposed to put three candles between each set of symbols. I use tealights and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen E.A use them too
@Lady_Eva Delete if breaks rules, please :sweat_smile:

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There are photos of it all over the site including ones showing the characters, so I think it’s fair game for debate and discussion. :+1:


If you’re going to Queen of Hell is running very low.

400 and up from amazon, bit less than a hundred on Primal craft site for the new edition…or rather was as its now sold out

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Wow, I got mine just a few weeks ago and there were still about 50 left.

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Yep, pity too, as I was considering buying a new copy. The new edition looks “cooler” than the old. :joy: There’s still the Red King I’m currently working through…Should probably grab one soon :thinking:

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I bought the whole trident trilogy, there’s about 100 copies of RK after mine.

I’m going to go ahead and buy the AOS because I know that’s running low.

Happy as hell when I got Scorpion God: the copy # is my name in English gematria.


Got mine pretty much as soon as they came out, still a bit regretful I didn’t get the special edition Queen of hell when I had the change… Actually my copy of Crown Prince of the Sabbat was free

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I can tell Mark is a great guy, too. I asked him a question and he responded with like 6 paragraphs a few hours later.

I have an altar to Hekate but want to become a bit more experienced before really getting into PC though, probably this fall.

Out of all the paths out there I was very attracted to this one despite it having less exposure - very excited.


I think I spent 10 years or so “flirting” with the current before doing any sort of dedication rite :sweat_smile::thinking::joy:


Oh wow :joy: I’m a bit too impulsive for a decade.

But I’m not going to until I feel ready so I gotta keep my hands off those books for now :raised_hand:t2::raised_hand:t2:

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Aaah very good books to work with the Arachnid Gods. Great!!!

I don’t mean to derail the thread, but I feel I need to put this out.

I formally started following Primal Craft on October of last year.

Evocation, Possession, etc…are all parts of Magick we all want to get good at. And I agree we should.

But due to some urgent cases I had the need to ask Hecate and Belial for some very specific favors. And all my favors have been granted. And I didn´t do any evocation, possession,…

My point is that you should not let you inability (perhaps due to being a novice) to evoke/invoke/possess deter you from working with Primal Craft (or at least Hecate/Lucifer/Belial). These are very powerful Entities, and if they sense your sincerity They will comply with your requests.



Thank you for the note

I do feel drawn to PC and I think they know I’m sincere.

Belial and Lucifer have come to me while sleeping without evoking them. Well, technically I evoked them in the dream.

And I’m pretty sure Hekate was responsible for the intense dream I had about a year ago, re-igniting my interest in magick. I have an altar to her now and It had things in it (the dream) I now associate with her.