Queen Elizabeth II

This IS ABSOLUTELY out of the ball park but fuck it .

I want to write a letter to Queen Elizabeth II about making me a Prince of the U.K . I want to make sure she gets the letter and gives me my request . Which demon could help me ?

I read King Paimon and Duke Dantalion are very good at changing people’s minds at will but I also read Barbatos can declare the secret counsel of anybody .

I know this is hard as hell and an extremely long long shot but please I only want serious answers . Thanks


King Paimon or Belial, who is usually willing to help when it comes to authority figures. With that said, extremely lofty goals. I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


Would it help if I use both of them ?

For what you’re trying to accomplish, a multiple evocation will be your best chance and will be more or less essential. As for personal preference I would include a third spirit (just a personal opinion of mine, i feel like if i’m going to do a multiple evocation I want to use the number three) for that I would probably go with Dantalion like you suggested or if another spirit comes to mind

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Details please! :slight_smile:

You might want to do a bit of research on how a monarchy works before sending that letter, and just to let you know, that’s not how it works. :slight_smile:

Anyway why settle for prince? Why not crown yourself Emperor of Cardiff or something? Don’t laugh it worked for this guy.



Like what ?

I know how they work but the queen can make anyone royal if she wants to

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Why do you want to, what do you want to say. Where did this come from I’
m very interested :slight_smile:

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I love the British royal family . So far, all I have is to ask her not to make me in line or anything but just a Prince . I really want to be made a Prince in Europe . Especially the United kingdom

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My honest opinion is that there’s SO much occult and spiritual power wrapped up in that office (of royalty) that you don’t stand a gnat in hell’s chance to work magick ON them, you may be able to wangle circs where one guy dies and you marry his widow and whatever, but that won’t make you a prince, and short of literal reality-editing I don’t think plain evocation is going to give you a route to this.

I don’t think writing a letter like a guy pleading is going to help, you’re kind of asking for godlike power to alter reality and yet coming at it like someone asking for a request song to be played on a radio station, the eternal outsider, who has to hope and watch and ask from the other side of the mailbox.

If you wanted to infiltrate Royal circles and be in with a chance to marry maybe the bun Kate has in her oven (assuming it’s female) that would be viable, so would any other approach using existing power structures and relationships.

But I think the chance of your letter even reaching the Queen’s own assistant is pretty slim, and more likely to get you on a watch list for people with a pathological need to be inside the family than anything else (not being rude to your goals there, mine are madder, just trying to help).

People who want to be in someone’s life, inside a specific social circle, and enjoying their good things without having earned it can get very pissy when rejected, and security know this - go watch The Talented Mr Ripley to see an example of an outsider and how he acts when he’s let in amongst the beautiful people (Weinstein be damned, that’s a fun movie).


So if there’s so much occult and spiritual power in royalty, why can’t a demon just tell them to do it ?

Because the purpose of having power isn’t to become indebted and dependent, it’s to become immune to chance, resistant to other people’s will, and so on.


Let’s just pretend it will work . Which demons do you think will give the most power to this request and what evocation method would be best ?

Sorry I’m out on this topic, hope you find what you need but I have nothing useful to say beyond what I already did. :thumbsup:


How do you think I should summon King Paimon, King belial and Duke Dantalion together ?

Start with summoning one of them. once you feel their presence in the room, go to the next sigil (anoint them all with blood at the beginning to save time). After the first spirit is called, there is a rubber band effect making the subsequent evocations easier (from personal experience, the second sigil will flash and open up almost immediately). Once all the spirits are present, Ask your request and ask what offering(s) they want in exchange.

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Guess I better work on my astral senses strong tomorrow

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Astral senses will help. One thing I should of added. I forgot when and why I last did a multiple evocation. But what i do remember is feeling completely hung over the next morning :joy: so heads up on that and good luck :slight_smile:


Lolll .

What do you mean by "will help " ? Is it not necessary ?