Queations on experiences with the black sun

I have been redoing the black sun meditation for maybe a week. Mu concentration is shit but. I have been consistant.

The first few days i was bitter and mad and spitful. But now, after the forthful day and on ward. I feel cleaner and clear. I am more honest and direct and not suger coating things.

Anyone else have any experiences with the black sun that ate the same or different?


The black sun, is void, to me.
Nothingness in nothingness.

Empty yet creative.

I suggest you to stop any focus on your mind and emotions, by simply letting your breath flow as deep and relaxed as you can, without using extra muscles.

Then, focus on the black sun, and see it at the center of our galaxy.

Breathe it’s energy through you and let it fill you up, until you feel calm and comfortable in it.

Then, Form a small black sun and absorb it into the zeal Chakra at the back of your neck.

That, should yield results for you.

Also, try to let your focus drift away, from your body and sensations except the hearing, so you stay conscious.




I read a book which have a black sun from atlantis yes. Its small spells arpund if look who claim tat black sun give u a power to use. For good or bad. Never use. It even has a hand seal ritual
No kundalini. Chakra or astral but power at all senses.

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Can you explain a bit more

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The hand seal is a of a few who have been out of secrets covens.so if you focus put you hand on it,u will charge you body like a battery.the energy you get can be used both ways. To some kundalini.to others vril.and others essence’s of alchemy.it depend who teach or what the author follow.

You probably felt like that because the meditation cleared you of those feelings. The black sun seems to be a massive catalyst for change and inner alchemy. It is a initiator of the Nigredo-phase and a guiding light through that darkness. But to fully access its mysteries, you probably need to enter Thagirion. I have just began to work with this force, but every time I touch it, I get more and more aware of my own power and potential.

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that is my next step i think

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I connected with the black sun last night and i felt so peaceful ans happy. Like i did not want to leave.

Anyone else experince this?


The underworld, the obsidian planes as I like to call it is where I saw the black sun but in a vision I had in class. You could call the black sun like the center piece if you don’t dwell there naturally. It looks like a blackhole shining white light but this light is cold and where I was I saw pyramids that were seemingly made of obsidian and the dwellers and animals, although the I only animal I saw was a horse, also seemed to look like obsidian but the white light reflected off of them revealing the depth and the obsidian bodies moved as smoothly and naturally as you could lift an arm. There are some pretty obscure fear feeding beings that appear as an amalgamation of animals and insects and big grey tough looking metal headed dudes but hell it’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, being all dark,grey an melancholy. From my experience with the black sun even till now there are always lessons to learn and always energy given to learn them. The black sun has the ability to show you a reflection of yourself in the below, the underworld and I’ll say if you’re a cunt up here then you’re somethings bitch down there. In my experience it’s ability to reflect is nothing short of MAGICK but if you really want it to work in your favour you must be 1000% honest with yourself because truth is the power it offers.


there’s a lot of grammatic errors so you’ll figure out what sounds right. My apologies :pray:


Mee ingrish is sheeeiit so nu worries

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So lately…i have experienced a bit of a change. But it is hard to describe. Its like opportunity i guess?

Like things on changing.

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“people do crazy stuff infront of camera, wonder what they would do when recevied by god”


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if you’re still looking for stuff on the black sun, I’ve written one meditation visualisation practice, on the forum, that I created. Enjoy the Ecstacy of Energy.


Sure where is it?