I have realized that after some reflection, I released this (QUB’ALJEMOZYX) without a thorough investigation of on my part working with the “program”. Therefore, I’m removing it for the time being until I have given it a thorough exploration and realization of it’s capacities. My fault if I gummed up the works posting an “experiment” here of a self-created/self-realized being/entity/current/??? that I hadn’t investigated thoroughly myself. OOPS!

Is this a sigil? Map? I don’t quite get it.



No, not at all lol. I’m leaving it to individuals who find it interesting to open it and see what it’s like for themselves. There’s absolutely no danger to it, in a sense that malevolence is completely devoid within it. However, for those who are interested in Baneful works, this might not be their cup of tea. It won’t reverse anything on them, but rather that Baneful works have no place within it’s construct. If you activate the power in QUB’ALJEMOZYX, those Baneful forces will fuse into nothingness.

Well sounds useful for defensive purposes. Did you discover this one yourself? In any case it seems like it may be useful, I’ll call it up later to map it out.

It’s self-discovered. It’s not meant to be defensive per se, rather than stepping beyond the idea of defense itself. I do wonder what you will get from your mapping, as it is made based on relativity. What you map might not be its full “map” in a “universal” sense, but rather your “full” map. It’s not really an entity, although it can be realized as such. It’s really a template for awakening “Godhood”, or what I will just call your Prime Potential. Hence the name QUB’ALJEMOZYX/QUB’ALHEMOZYX is meant to be played with, rearranged, and realized in whatever way you are pushed toward experiencing.

I’ve seen similar sigils right above the ass cracks of young women.

But seriously I’ll work with this a bit to see what sensations I get.

[quote="-TWF-, post:8, topic:3797"]I’ve seen similar sigils right above the ass cracks of young women.

But seriously I’ll work with this a bit to see what sensations I get.[/quote]

Dem hoes do be ass-crackin’ they butterflies… wait a minute that didn’t come out right

what is this?i opened it from the screen.i didn’t felt anything bad or any intense current.i think i felt good.it belongs to an enity or what?
or it’s a sigilized intention of yours?

You aren’t supposed to feel bad, so that’s definitely a good thing LOL. At any rate, I can’t say that it is an entity, in a sense that it is not some sort of categorized “being”. Also, it is an intent I created, however it’s not specifically just for me.

I must admit, I didn’t spend too much time “energizing” this particular form, as I have found that creating these things can be all the charging it needs. Of course, it may just be me because it’s something I made, but a variety of people have reported things to me in accords with this and others that I have just made without a “charging” ritual. But I don’t have a category for it… if there is a category for it, I would say it’s a “program”. However, I’m pretty sure it has a personified version, I just haven’t been focused on evocation at the moment so I can’t say I have experienced that.

by the way it’s a beautiful sigil.but i’m still curious about the intent behind it.can’t you share it?

Part of the reason that I have not shared the intent is based on the fact that I created it out of 10 written pages worth of intent! That would be quite a lot to type down here, so I figured that would be somewhat foolish to do. Secondly, the nature of the sigil’s programming is very transformative, so it’s very much in the hands of the magician as to what they experience through opening it and working with the QUB’ALJEMOZYX.

I do think that I will be able to post of rough outline of what I programmed it to do. I will post it later on.

I guess i’m paranoid because right at the moment i saw there is sigil i put my hand in front of it XD, i hope it didn’t destroy any malevolent forces within me … i love malevolent forces.

It wouldn’t hurt you, just that those kind of forces aren’t really privy to it. However, I guess there might be room for it if malevolent forces actually evolve you in earnest. In that regard, you would be placed in a current of reality where those forces would be conducive to yourself and those around you. That reality, however, would be something for those who actually benefit from it.

Anyone seeing this thread, refer to the first post to understand what it’s about. I expect that it will be removed considering that the thread’s purpose is postponed for the moment LOL. My bad y’all