It seems to me from observation and experimentation, that if it is within a spirits power to kill, if that is his office, the endgame of the spirit;
That if one curses with said spirit without instructing for death, a curse merely to cause severe illness or everyone in the neighborhood to hate the target.
The spirit will then operate at only a quarter of its normal efficiency and speed.
While perfectly capable of causing dramatic effects these only seem to manifest when pursuing the endgame.

Take the demons in the kingdom of night for instance. All with the goal of slaughter but they have different ways of going about it.
Kind of the reaction I got from Gorka when I asked if he may cause despair and betrayal without actually trying to slay the target and he was like ‘Weeeell, if I must’ and went about his task with the speed of a husband carrying out the garbage for the 1’000th time.

Corollations anyone? It would be interesting, this is my experience at any rate.

Here I think the issue is akin to putting a curse in motion and having to curtail it a bit in order to meet your request. So I think the lack of efficiency is in having to adjust and pull back it’s full power.

Not sure of a good metaphor here except if you ask somebody who does a certain routine job really well to do it in a different way they are normally used to so then they go a bit slower to make sure it is done right.

I think that’s your answer - no-one finds carrying out the garbage especially enjoyable or interesting! :wink:

I think demons feel a great passion and love for the work they’re most well-known for, and while they’ll readily perform other tasks to support their main outcome, asking them to do something else that’s a watered-down version doesn’t fill them with enthusiasm. JMO.

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I have to agree with Eva. Rather then ask an assassin spirit to pester or otherwise harass, ask them for the name and sigil or a spirit more inline with the desired outcome.

I agree with the above comments. Right tools for the job. A screwdriver may be able to make a hole but a drill will work better.