Quareia course

Hello all!

Thanks to guidance from here I officially started the Quareia course this morning. I’m pretty well versed in meditation so I shouldn’t need to spend too long on module 1

Just wondered how others further through were finding it. Any hints or tips?

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Oh, didn’t expect someone studying Quareia here!

It has been a great, comprehensive course, though I use it with the IIH which I think has been recommended here frequently as well. It’s a good foundation, though of course it can’t cover everything. I found it excellent to supplement the gaps in my knowledge, as I came from an eclectic magic background and totally skipped over things like astrology and healing.

I think consistency is really the key, because the course has a lot of concurrent exercises and you have to log almost everything if you’re aiming for mentoring. The FB group (both) has a lot of helpful people, so if you run into any issues, they’ll help!


Good for you! It’s good to see someone making a commitment to a school! You’ll get better training from a legitimate school than from any video course and grimoire. At the beginning stage; just watch and observe the behaviour of experienced others participating in the group; especially the leadership and ask yourself if their behaviour demonstrates the level of psycho-spiritual growth you aspire to. If not ,leave; it is either a legitimate school gone into stagnation and decay or was never legitimate to begin with. If they do demonstrate the expected standards of behaviour, then kudos to you! You’ve found yourself a valuable magical / spiritual tool.


Yup still at the apprentice stage and only a few modules in. Will need to get my act together and really go for this…

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