Quantum immortality

What if it is possible? What are your thoughts?

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I haven’t heard of this, can you elaborate?

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I like this guy.

Oh it’s the like plot of The One :smiley:

I have a different view, but it’s just a theory.

So, dying in one dimension - ‘quantum reality’, I guess - would mean you have to die in all of them. At the same time. This is because your spirit is split between these as a sort of sub-incarnations. There’s a part of the spirit, some say, that sort of stays behind and doesn’t incarnate and that’s your godself/higher self. It’s the part you can access the higher realities through, and at that level you’re still in the timeline, usually don’t want to wait for stragglers, or redesign and redeploy piecemeal.
I do think incarnation mechanics is incredibly complicated, but not that disorganised.
It helps explain things like comas and freak accidents - both are ways for your godself to extend or cut short the lives in various dimensions to sync up the point of death in the timeline. Probably only matters for people tied to the timeline, I can imagine exceptions to the rule.

I’m trying to think whether I’ve heard of people recounting that they came from a very different version of reality that people they know died in ‘their’ version didn’t die in ‘this’ one, but when it’s that different anyway not sure it says anything anyway.

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Yeah it just a theory. But in this case you don’t die throughout the different realities your consciousness transfers to another reality.

Is possible that is what reincarnation is who knows anything is possible. But as pointed out the only person who know if that memory is retained would be the person that died.

It would be interesting to know if was true or not but the risks are way to high to find out.