Quantam Physics and Magick

So im aware Quantam physics and magick are very closely related but I wanted more information on the connection but have only found a few videos.

If you guys could share the most profound videos that helped you understand magick and quantam physcis better as well as some bridging videos I´d greatly appreciate it.

I´ll start first, this is a video I found that greatly helped me understand synchronicities or coincidences deeper.

This video is quite awesome except for the end, he blames demons for negative or artificial synchronicities when im sure many of us can attest against that.

Another good one.

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“quantum physics”

With that out of the way I dont think quantum physics has much to do with magick. At best it’s where the physical universe gets a bit too iffy for hard science and reality seems to be less “concrete” than previously understood.


To understand this, one need to be deep into studying quantum physics on their own.

There are a few physicists on this world who are trying to merge physics with the paranormal world etc.

I’ve written about it before @Mulberry is a trained physicist and maybe she can explain something :slightly_smiling_face:

I am into physics and I believe humanity is still in early development of physics, there are science demons who are way more advanced in maths & physics and I believe they have to knowledge to advance humanity.

There’s only one caveat: there’s no physicist who is in touch and able to communicate clearly with these science demons. It’s something everyone has to figure out on their own. Astral projection / lucid dreaming etc…

And even then, a trained physicist will have a very hard time understanding the concepts, let alone us as laymans :sweat_smile:

I study mechanical engineering & my 2nd study is physics but it’s math heavy and to fully understand and known the links to magick and something like quantum physics one need to be very advanced in mathematics. On that level everything is mathematics.

I am still a beginner and nowhere near a graduate MSc or PhD.

I want to become psychic aware to investigate stuff myself, but to come with actual proofs, yeah nobody will believe it :joy:

I have this intuition, and always had the feeling that there’s so much more to discover. And physics is limited to human physicists researchers who aren’t spiritual or into demons…

Albert Einstein was known as a fervent lucid dreamer though and his famous theories are believed to come from thought experiments and lucid dreams.

Nikola Tesla and Newton were also lucid dreamers etc

Nikola Tesla believed he was tuned into higher dimensions with his conscioussness, he never married, died a virgin and was on a lifelong Nofap streak becaude he firmly believed semen is our driving force and intelligence boosting so in a way he was a little bit connected.

Can you imagine the effort one has to go through to do new groundbreaking stuff in physics?

Let’s say they were all occult practicers, and in touch with demons… I really think they had so much more potential!

Maybe I have to do this, but my first objective is getting comfortable with astral travel, soul travel, and lucid dreaming.


Basically quantun physics is for scientists to say we don’t know why we don’t know anything about the universe and our seemingly inviolable physical laws are screwed up the arse and totally false so we are going to use this new branch that even we don’t understand as a scapegoat to not acknowledge anything beyond the physical reality as responsible. That is what it usually comes off as to me. I use to be a big science buff but too much weird shit forever destroyed my faith that science holds any true answers to the universe and the general attitude of the practitioners of the cult of science has ruined any respect I have most of them. I don’t care how they explain something if I can still get what I want and communicate it through whatever analogy needed them I’m fine.

I would say look into Hermetics and eastern traditions of how the universe is built from energy. That seems to provide far greater understanding in my view.