Qlippothic Journeys - A Vision

ok so lately i had been getting many visions of the qlippoth
including me and a demonic guide walking over the tunnels and shores of the qlippoth
walking in the black earth.shining in the black sun etc…

To be Honest i never wanted to work with the qlippoth back then,but now i have a thrist to do
Aslo many of workings with Abaddon,Shax and Belial all point me out into the qlippoth.i can sense a few things about my potential working with qlippoth.

i will be stronger
the working will last for 100 days
i will be working with each qlippha for 9 days.

i seen my self meditating in the black earth
the infernal empire solidifying everywhere
storms up in the sky as i conjure and a lot more.