Qliphotic Chakras

Did you ever come across dark chakras like qliphotic chakras?

I just ask do you know about chakras lower than muldahra, i know that i tantra tradicion there is one chakra lower than root chakra that is called the pillar of root chakra and one more, the Bindu chakra that is behinde most upper chakra on back of the head.I mean on more tradicional system, not that of Jos(Joy of Satan) or from books of Arthur Avalon, but more from tradition be it hindu,tantra or tibetan.

As well you can kabalistic tree devide on seven steps like this:Malkuth-Muldahra…Hokmah and Binah-Anja chakra.Also we have Qliphotic tree of life and it may be the same with chakras, that there are light and dakr chakras.May be chakras where kundalini energy is rising Akasha Subterfuge from Necromonicon Sorcery of Dante Abiel.Chakras of Kali,Third face of Shiva…like Thagerion,Gamaliel of qliphot?

Yes, I studied that - more info here, scroll down about halfway to Lesson 292, “Seven Centers of Instinctiveness”: Merging With Siva: Chakras.

I’ve done successful healing work on people before using that system of chakras below the base of spine, and those guys take a very traditional approach, so it’s not just made-up newage waffle.