Qliphotic Ascention?

Im wondering what happen when you finally transcend Thaumiel? You become an “Black Jesus” here on earth? And when you die in this state your spirit is free from the cycle of rebirth and other universe laws with unlimited capability? What about these before Thaumiel?

What about retaliation from the “Light” side when you initiate in the Qliphots? Angels and “YHWH” stop to assist you?

As Asenath Mason says in the “Draconian Ritual Book”, the process of ascention depends on the individual, it’s not something that will manifest in the same way for all the practitioners working with that system. Also, everything is up to interpretation when it comes to the trees of life and knowledge.


IMHO you enter your own personal paradise depending on your moral purity
IMHO it’s not possible to evade the light side, all you can do is to co-operate, they disguise as dark beings. It is my feeling derived from 8 years spent on spirituality, also Qliphoth.

I am curious if any one went so far that they can disprove this


I haven’t experienced that kind of interference, at least, not through Qliphoth workings. I feel you have to get yourself on thier radar somehow first.

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How is your experience going so far? Did your energy got lower or something or your are keeping up with your balance? Thanks for the answer of all of you guys. Im going to take some steps and this is very meaningful for me.

Well, I’m not new to shadow work, and it turns out the system you do that under doesn’t really matter. So it’s been very plain sailing.

I just did the Qliphoth because it felt like landscape I should have under my belt. I’m finding entities in the spheres recognise me, although I don’t remember them, and I have things like apartments and favourite places that feel familiar. It’s been nice.

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