Qliphothic Magick Circle

On the page of the Qliphothic Magick Circle it says that the circle can empower any ritual.
Does that only mean rituals that are related to the Qliphotic shells or Demons from the Qliphoth?

It also says that the force of Serpent of Chaos Leviathan will flow to naturally while performing any ritual with in the circle. Does that mean that the Qliphothic Magick Circle is better than the U.C?

Honestly, they all work about the same. It’s really the magician that is gonna do the power boosting.

I would take it as you can use it with any magick. And they all claim to be the best. It’s marketing.

Really, just use which ever your more comfortable with. And which ever one appeals to you the strongest.

I can’t tell that. I get any better results from using my UC as do when I draw a circle, or make a circle with stones.

The bonus for me using the UC is that it’s durable its already made and you take it anywhere. It’s also easy to clean.

But as far as results its all up to the operator. You get out what you put in.


Prioritize the state in which you need to be in. As far as the circles, it really doesn’t matter at all.