Hi there, is it possible to do and finish a whole qlipphotic ritual of the dark side in a sitting?

Has anyone done it? Please give me some tips and advices on what to do. I read that some people go thru sphere by sphere, any idea why?

And how do I go about it?

I keep feeling like I needed to invoke samael but I think I know now why.
And is it possible to go thru the phases of the qlipphotic without actually doing it? Like maybe the demons started it on you before you actually start it just to find your way back here?
if anyone can help me in finding out by scanning or reading, if please reply here!

Thank you in advance!

Most people go through each sphere because the energies are very powerful and it takes time to integrate them into your Self. To actually accomplish something useful, you can’t rush through them. You need to take your time, and absorb each sphere, and allow the changes to take place, so you learn what each sphere teaches. If you don’t, then the energies can cause harm as they flow into your life, and lead to madness and psychosis.

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Absolutely correct. Here’s one way of looking at it. Don’t rush chaos. Bad idea.

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