Qliphoth trials experience

Hi everyone, since wednesday 11.4. I have been put in front of all trials of Qliphoth. The first one was after few hours of self-initiating to Golachab. I was attacked by my step-brother. He was very aggressive, but it was fun . Then it was with Samael, when I was questioning my value in this world. Then I was doubting everything regarding magick and everything I have accomplished in this short time. Yesterday I have been speaking with my mother and sister and they spoke with me about my sexuality, I have been hiding for a many years. So it was trial of Gamaliel. I think my dream I had before it, about Lilith had connection with it. These are just my most interesting experiences fron these trails. I dont like to speak in details and it isnt important as well.


*thursday… Sorry :sweat_smile:

I’ve had similar experiences, even though I haven’t initiated yet in Golachab.

I felt extremely guided to initiate on all the Qlippoth of the middle pillar at the same time and so I did. I remember extreme psychological pain that resulted in an extremely rewarding rebirth

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Exactly :blush: