Qliphoth And Energy

Hi All,
Forgive the possible rambling nature of this post but I’m needing some guidance or advice or just… I don’t even know.

And that’s the point.

I don’t even know.

Bit of backstory, in July 2019, I began working on a book. Nothing special, fantasy, alternate timeline, whatever. More to help me through a painful experience I was going through. But then the novel began to change into something else entirely. I fell in love with it more and more and soon, two more stories were ‘pushing through’ my head.

Now, normally I’m a creative type anyways, so this is normal but lately, it’s getting extreme.


I haven’t slept properly for four days. I keep seeing things from my stories dart into and out of my field of vision. Nightmares I had as a child are coming to life (creatures, people, sensations). I am also putting all of this into my novels, because it’s (weirdly) what is happening to my characters, too.

Furthermore, I am a mother to a toddler (Tiny Terror). And this experience is leaving me… Feeling like the worst parent in the world because outside of the mechanic parts of the daily routine (get up, feed him, read him a story), I feel absent. And it’s HORRIBLE.

Basically I bought Mason’s book and picked it up finally on Saturday. Only to nearly vomit from shock.

There are SO many correlations and connections between the Qliphoth and my novels that just… Yeah.

FYI: I knew a little about the Kabballah Tree of Life. And by a little I mean… Ten discs and connecting branches lol. So, this is why for my novel, I chose there to be ten worlds. That’s literally the extent of it.

So… Back to Mason’s book.
Sphere 10 is where the firs novel/journey begins. My Main Character (MC) discovers something that shatters his world and reality and goes through a very painful process of rebuilding himself which leads him to Sphere 1.

Referring to Mason’s work I see this is true of the Tree of Death. Start in 10 and work your way down to 1 where the journey ends/begins again.

Then, just randomly, I picked Sphere 3 for the origins of another character, only to read that 3 (Satariel) is almost exactly as I imagined it and described it in the novel (bear in mind, I’ve written Novel 1 and 80% of Novel 2 before I’ve even picked up Mason’s work).

I’ve also got a character called Moira and another called Matron ---------. Low and behold, Mason then talked about the ‘weavers’ in Sphere 3 (called the Moirai and Matrons).

And don’t even get me started on Sphere 6 and the woman with the ruby-red hair (I believe another user posted about seeing a lady with ruby-red hair… Yeah… I hear you, dude!)

At this point, I felt astounded, almost violated (?) that my work what I thought I had created and plotted, was in fact laced with the Qliphoth and many of its details.

I’m therefore setting time aside to properly study Mason’s book in more detail and find out more about the Tree of Death before I do any more writing.

Not to get ideas, heck no, but because if I don’t,… I’m fairly certain I’m going to go insane.

As I said, I’ve not slept properly since all this came to light. I don’t want to eat, I just feel drained and… Emptied? Hollowed? But enriched at the same time? Like… Privvy to a lot of information. And powerful, too.
It’s just chaos right now and I need to bring it under control.

Ironically, this all happens just as Set has ‘left’ me. He’s not around anymore and I considered my work with the Left-Hand Path all but concluded (for this part of my life, at least. I’ve got a LOT of other stuff going on in the background which I wanted to focus on instead… HAH. Funny).


If anyone has gone through something like this before, please reach out. I don’t know what to do, how to feel, or how to get some rest.

Music, writing, drawing, sleeping… Nothing is working and I’m getting worried.

And please, don’t tell me to see a doctor. Just. Don’t.

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Went through it last week. That’s what happens when the spirits are telling you that it’s time to do your next qliphothic initiation. That is, in fact, the actual initiation. The ritual(s) are just a way of marking the occasion, really. At least that’s been my experience.

My advice, assuming the book you’re referring to is “Tree of Qliphoth”. Start reading the book but only up through the rituals for the next qlipha. In your case, this would be Nehemoth. Don’t read the essays afterwards. You’ll want to read them after you’ve had your own experience. Likewise, don’t read other people’s experiences.

Start meditating on the meanings of the 10s in the Tarot, Reversed and Upright. I would also suggest reading the beginning parts of Greer’s “Paths of Wisdom” and the section on the qlipha you’re going into.

I ‘schedule’ my initiations for the New Moon. That seems to be my “full moon” after I started working with Lilith and ‘reversed’ my energy flows. About a week out, I’ll start doing nightly prayers to Lilith and step up my daily meditation. If there’s only one ritual to do, I’ll do it on the darkest night of the New Moon. If there’s three (and there often are) I’ll schedule around that night. Don’t try to do them all on the same night.

Have your experience and write it down as soon as you possibly can afterwards. Then read and compare notes with the other authors. Finally, sit with it for a week or two. Don’t go nuts turning your life upside down. Take it easy and digest it.

Whatever you do, don’t do what I did and try to do one qlipha every month in succession with all the paths. I went… well… a little nuts. It wasn’t good.

As always, just my experiences. You will want to take your time and experiment before you dive in. This is a massive undertaking and you will probably have to take several passes through before you really get it. This could easily end up taking the rest of your magical life. This is the Great Work… or at least a really good way of going about the Great Work.

Finally, I really strongly recommend a person on YouTube named Rose Crowley. Her overview of the qliphoth is fantastic. I’m working on my own book about this but, at the rate I’m going, it’ll be ready right around the middle of the century… maybe the 22nd century. Look for it in the library computer of the U.S.S. Enterprise in some future life.

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Hi Eddie,
Thank you for the response!
And thank you so much for the advice - I really appreciate it. One thing I’m not sure if I touched upon was that, I’m not channelling the Qliphopth willingly. I’m not seeking to perform rituals or any kind of initiations. I was barely conscious of it until last Saturday.

It was actually strange how it came about.

My husband bought the book for me, not realising my links to the LHP/Sethan were waning (like I said, I had a tonne of other stuff that need my attention so I put magick on the back burner). It was sheer boredom on Saturday that I picked it up and started looking at 10 and 6 and then 1.

And then freaked out.

I just have no idea how to handle the level of fuckery I’m feeling. But, you’re right. I think I should keep reading on it (yes, I referring to Mason’s Tree of Qliphoth).

But the problem with that is, I don’t want that to directly influence my books. My books come first (after my kid lol) and I would hate to ‘steal’ or be ‘directly’ influenced by something Mason wrote. Basically… I’m stuck.

I can either ignore what’s happening and keep writing my books, which isn’t good because I know this fuckery will get worse, will cause me to stall and make me depressed until I acknowledge it, OR I can study the Qliphoth and go down those roads and see what I uncover.

ps: looking forward to downloading and reading your book when I’m an A.I. in the future :wink:

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Yeah, that’s tricky waters to navigate, no doubt.

I think the exercise of doing it will help your writing but this kind of stuff does have a way of getting into you. It changes how you see everything.

Actually, if you wanted to see how this stuff can be handled in a fictional environment, look up the RPG “Kult”. It’s all about the qliphoth and sephiroth. Angels and demons working behind the scenes. That sort of thing.

You don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you ignore it, it’ll go away eventually. But what you’re describing is what we occultists are talking about when we say something resonates with us. That’s a sign that there’s something there for you. Something worth exploring.

The key is though that you have to ignore it. Walk away from it. Get it out of your house and life. Try never to think about it again. You can’t be half in half out. That way will drive you nuts.

I look forward to your book.

Well, I guess that answers that.

I read your suggestion of walking away from it and heard a loud NO
So, I guess I’ll keep reading, though I will have to do it from a purely academic POV.

Or maybe I never left the LHP after all and this was just another stepping stone on a much larger journey

If so, pretty messed up! lol

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Just take your time. The only path any of us can walk is the one in front of us and we can only walk it one step at a time as they are revealed to us.

I’m not your guru and neither is anyone else. That’s the essence of the LHP. No gods. No masters. Just us doing the best we can.

No Gods on the LHP?

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No gods in the sense that we don’t worship them and they don’t expect us to. At least not in the “bowing and scraping and humiliating ourselves” sense.

I describe it as them looking for partners. Or better yet: Good parents. They want to see us learn and play and grow and just be happy. They want us to be like them. They want us to be gods.

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Right, right, right. I’m with you now lol.

I did some reading and writing last night and actually managed to get more than 2 hours of sleep so I feel a little better today.
The shock was worn off and I think I know where I need to go with it.

Again, thank you for all your help.

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