Qayos legions haven't done anything for me

I have asked legions to a bunch of stuff like bring me money (no I did not ask for a million dollars, why does some guy always have to post that), help me with my magick, help me with astral projection, get me a job I asked for, make themselves known to me and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember right now.

They haven’t done nothing. Whats the point of having millions of these servitors if they’re good for nothing.

I asked Qayos whats going on but didn’t hear back from him even though he’s been online.


He’s busy currently, however, there’s a few reasons why it didn’t work (some may blame you but that’s only one of the possible reasons)

there’s many reasons such as:

Exacution of the orders

There not being a window of possibility

The legions not hearing you

the legions not being there


So you should assess different possibilities and work through them.


All the peopls i have ready all servitors, switch later to other magik. Always Wonder why. Qayos is new 4 me,

It’ll be better to work on and try out each possibility of contact before jumping to conclusion. It’s pretty offensive to make a post regarding the matter before talking It out with Qayos. He might be busy working on other legions, books or other stuff (looking at the condition of the world these days). This was a free service, so I’m sure his pm’s are filled with requests. It’s better to be grateful and work on your own part. Maybe work on your psychic senses/clair abilities and try to approach the legion again.


To you or to Qayos?


To Qayos, I mean as to see from the perspective of a creator.


Hi Velenos,

I have one question here…what do you mean when you say the legions not being there.
Can you pls elaborate. Just being a little inquisitive.


Do to the corona virus he didn’t get to making all the legions, he has far more important shit to deal with. He definitely isn’t going to be helping people figure out why the legions aren’t bringing results.
Do you have the necessary abilities to sense if the legion is present to begin with? Were all legion members present when you gave your orders?
Let’s try to figure out the problem step by step and go through all the possibilities first.

Many people on this forum I notice go into things without being capable of scanning and just frontloading one another. Someone offers something and majority drop whatever they’re doing to beg and worship that person offering such.

However, they never actually confirm anything, to see if it was legitimately there besides being told it is. Now I’m not saying Qayos cannot do what he claims, I’m simply stating there’s a handful of people who did not check to see if the legions actually existed at the time.


Mine works just fine.

But one thing we have noticed is that they need some time to learn how to perform some tasks. So, if you told them once to go and get you some money, it didn’t happen and you moved on to the next thing… well, then it isn’t going to work. They do have a primary function that they don’t need to learn, since it is their basic purpose. For anything else, they seem to need time.

I’ve even worked with them on addiction and had some pretty good results… then I ruined it, but we will go back to it in the next couple of days.

That being said, there is a pandemic right now. Qayos (and everyone else) has things to do.

ETA: Just took a look at your profile, your two first threads are about grimoires not working for you. Are you sure YOU are doing everything right??

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That’s one possibility, but them working and being there for you does not mean they are there/legitimate for the other individual. Too many people on here are quick to blame the practitioner, there’s a handful of factors as to why it didn’t work.

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Yeah, but it is kind like nothing seems to work for this guy, Vel.

A grimoire(s) not working for someone isn’t quite the same as someone claiming they gave you servitors lol. The first could simply be the person but the latter is based on your own ability to scan but also trust in the other person’s skill as well.


Just to clarify, because I didn’t understand, you are saying that he needs to trust for the legion to work?

I think he is saying he needs to trust other guys skill at making these legions.

I’m saying any kind of external things from other people is basically you trusting someone else’s skill.

Yeah, that’s what I think too, but just in case… I asked.

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Edit: Never mind just saw him say Qayos isn’t responding. That’s weird.

Just to add mine did not work either and I put a lot of effort into it on three occasions. All three occasions I tasked the legion with the same thing getting me a buyer for a piece of heavy equipment.

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Well i havent got any from Qayos but i created some myself… Well… i created (actually recreated) a Servitor and gave that servitor a primordial instruction/function and some instructions about multiplying… Gathering natural energy (wind, rivers and so on) withing themselves and then molding that energy into minions copies of themselves that should always be fully obedient to me first of foremost and to them (the original). Other than natural energy i feed them sexual energy from time to time.
It took a couple of weeks but they’re finally getting the hang of it. They’re getting better and better by the day… You gotta talk with them a lot i feel like… like explain little details, give examples etc etc
from time to time i get these feelings like… Servitors that “want” to be born. Sometimes i even hear a name.
Have been creating quick little servitors to affect the weather, bring me quick small amounts of money too (an extra 20 out of the blue is always nice). Even created a quick little servitor to fix my internet connection the other day… :slightly_smiling_face: