Qayin falxifer


Hello everyone.
On another forum I was discussing on a very specific topic with a follower of the 182 necrosophic current. The issue was if within the Necrosophic Cult of Qayin and its various aspects (falxifer, coronatus etc…) we are dealing with an eggregore or with a separate-autonomous-self sustaining-source of energy (or spirit).

His opinion was: It doesn’t matter.
My opinion is: it DOES matter. Because it’s not a matter of “it works” / “it doesn’t work”. If i wanted just a tool to achieve something, i surely won’t tune to a very specific spirit, because in order to connect with it, is suggested to perform step by step the workings in the grimoires (at least, when you begin to work with it). So to speak, and by my understandings of this current, dealing with a very specific force is almost a necessity, as it is stated that many many aspects will be revealed only trough working within your own altar and practices. But, Because i think i proved myself that eggregores are very limited and can not give you much insight, i am asking this because i fear that i’m not very capable discerning between eggregores and spirits unfortunately. For who actually works with him: do you sense it as a toughtform ?(hope not to transform this topic on another real spirit vs eggregore flamewar)

I’m passing you the ball


I don’t have experienced input on this, but while waiting for more useful replies, you could maybe adapt the Yes/No Tarot reading I described here?

Divination seems to ve very accurate most of the time when it’s done about spirits, more so than predicting future events with more variables.

It’s an interesting topic and I hope you get some more useful responses.


From my work with the system, I would have to lean towards that Qayin is his own actual spirit and not a thought form. I typically fall into the camp that I don’t care whether a spirit is “real” or a thought form, as long as I get results with the system. However, I have too much experience from taking an extended break from falxifer and having qayin come to me and bug me about things to say it’s just a thought form. But still, at the end of the day, I don’t care either way.


We are dealing with a beautiful powerful energy/entity current.hope that helps& Ave Satanas!Raquel


I mean, i dont think a thought form would be seen guiding me as i slept by someone who never heard of him.