Q and A with Lucifer CLOSED

4 questions please :slight_smile:

What can he say about me, Lux Fero?

he has potential

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Was he trying to contact me in a fairly recent dream? And what can I improve?

Can I ask you what He thinks about me? Thank you

What can he say about me?

What does he think of me as well?thanks, I’m literally 30ss late if you could make an exception it would be really cool

What does he say about me? I’ve worked with him heavily in the past and well, I got adrift from my path. I want to know what he thinks of me and any advice he has for me. Thank you!

“i did try to contact him.”,

“i will not say what you need to do.” this second phrase on your improvement question

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hes a good person

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Ho appena visto che vieni dall’Italia, in ogni caso, grazie

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he can contact me when he wants, and i will answer


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I will stop here, thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

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Any message from lord Lucifer for me?

Any idea when you’ll be doing another one of these?