Q and A with entity, really?

Beautifully said. Thankyou for your thoughts.

actually you did me favor by being ignorant marduk fanboy who get caught in sexual jokes, satanic current thanks you,

You did me many favors today, thank you.

Laughing is good for the mind.

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I just want to pop in to say… do not feed trolls. :rofl: This whole exchange between you two was very interesting (read: entertaining and hilarious), but this dude got what he wanted - attention, energy. Literally siphoned energy out of this topic and derailed it. Eugh. I do not take kindly to leeches.

OP - as mentioned, I do think ego can often get in the way, which is why meditation and being able to silence the mind is absolutely necessary in situations like this. And then, as mentioned, having something to back up what’s being said is always nice - like a sort of fact checker. I do that when working with anything, so I know if I’m BS’ing myself or actually communing with spirit.

I also think, in ANY format (tarot readings, palm readings, Q&A sessions with entities, working with spirits), that ambiguity is a sign that one may not be as in tune as they think. I ALWAYS request firm, concrete answers, and I usually get them.


Yes, awesome response! I agree meditation is so important to be in control of your mind when working with spirits, i have done a little mediumship giving people messages from spirit and its so important to go to that still place and silence everything to be open to communicate. A good point of ambiguity being a sign of maybe not such a strong connection. I have found with myself when i have communicated with spirits or demon there is nothing ambiguous at all so thats a gd point.


I think also energy work is important as it opens up another avenue for communication.


Fair point, I just wanted to hear more of his funny ideas.

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Damn this shit got trippy.


Riiiight?? I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it! :grinning:

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This topic has all the components of a quality thread, including the spaceships and dog penises.

And yes, the only gnosis you can truly trust is one directly received and tested by you.
You can resonate with another’s insights but it is still tainted with bias.
Xeper :sparkles:


Brother (you know I speak to you), we are similar but put down the kool-aid. We are no different for who we are.


I was going to take that exchange out and make it a new topic, Unlisted, called something like “Homicide and his spaceship” for the yucks, but I honestly think it illustrates the pitfalls of taking someone’s gnoses/belief system you find on the internet too much to heart, better than any amount of explanation or theory.

So yeah, golden thread indeed - maybe one that will lead someone out of a labyrinth, in future? :thinking:


Ima do my question anserw topic in time so you dont have to again separate context to see me shine oki ?

(still criminal)

i been trying to do it last few rituals, but havent found active platform

Who are you expecting answers from? Is it a general question to everyone or do you want answers from a specific person? I’d like to help if I can. I’m pretty new here so I don’t want to seem like a know it all and butt in. I don’t know who is supposed to answer those types of questions.

The nature of the communication has always been a mix of subjective and objective elements and the gist of the answers are not always apparent immediately sometimes it takes years for the epiphany to occur. I think given the nature of fragmented human psychology its important to remember that human filters are not the most conducive for trans-dimensional communication. Whenever there has been clear communication it has come through several channels, sometimes intermittently sometimes concurrently. Dreams visions telepathy telekinesis violence when receiving these messages its important to kill the internal dialogue and allow the message to be absorbed without interpretation then sometimes it becomes apparent like an epiphany. The other cross communication is one of energy exchange. I have evoked watchers and spent time in their energy and have inadvertently hurt people with a touch. By definition that was communication I learned not to absorb so much watcher energy because I had children around and did not want to hurt them. Answers from entities are not always instantaneous sometimes they come in sections. Sometimes they come when you are ready for them and not before. A couple of significant things happened to me during a working and the answers came five years later when I was ready for them. If they had come any sooner I would have been traumatized. When I got them they confirmed for me that the god damn map is not the fucken territory in some of those grimoire’s so be careful, as you can, about who you let stick their dick in your pussy because Satan’s seed can cause some permanent marks on your ass.


At least spirits own their mistakes. Something a lot of people need to learn.

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@Reverandbillzbubb Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I do not have prolonged conversations with entities, because they were easily straining my abilities. Just like psychic vampirism of passive variety and enough necromantic demonomancy to cause multiple exposed roots in my mouth to become one exposed root, without much pain. I’m just about how to fight the energetic battle to get easier contact, without actively powering the Air-Element.

Certain overly powered rituals will do it, with attempted communication working after warming the ritual space. Because a Necromantic-Curse going out, changed my energies. so instead o of casting me out of this body, request that myself summoned, does engage in a Q & A with you; as a result of, the explosive growth of groups, resulting from friendly mergers.

Hiya OP! I’ve never taken much stock in Q&As with entities done by other people, but when I ask a being for an interview they’re usually more than willing to be straight with me about my questions as long as they get something in return. For example, Artemis and I have a longstanding tradition of getting coffee on Mondays and just talking about our lives- when the conversation is over, I pour out her cup in whichever direction she asks me to. It can be fun to just chat up spirits! :slight_smile:


That sounds really chill I love that lol.

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