Q and A with entity, really?

Ok I am just wanting opinions and a friendly discussion about this. I have noticed on alot of the questions with entities threads that the answers seem very ambivalent and when questions are asked directly there is usually no direct answer given, I am not pointing fingers at any particular thread as I have seen this on many of them. Its shouted out as a question with whichever entity but alot of questions answered with, i cant answer that now, or i cant explain that here so what is the point of us being encouraged to ask questions which often are not answered? This makes me question the authenticity of these sorts of Q and A, I am honestly not trying to insult or offend anyone but im just putting my thoughts out there and wondering what others think. Is it possible even that the creators of the threads believe they are getting answers but it could be their ego working? Im not suggesting that none of them are true, I am sure that in some Q and As there is communication occurring with an entity but I do have my doubts that this is always the case. Would love to hear everyone elses opinions.


You should always question authenticity, while channeling is highly possible, it still good to not be like the majority and eat it up like candy. That’s why I seek straightforward answers and anything cryptic or shotty is tossed aside or I look for more confirmation.


Yes. Thats ALWAYS possible. The decision about how valid something like that is is up to you in the end


We each have our own unique experience. With that comes our version of what happens. We can share our experiences, but at the same time they were meant for that individual and their path.


People can and do channel, even E.A. did a channelling vid with the 9 Demonic Kings, however it is a thing that should be contrasted against that member’s experience because psychic muscles are real, and also, always run any answers against common sense no matter who is giving them.

But yeah, in principle and practice it can be done, and the medium is often better at giving messages than a beginner, or someone in distress, whose own ego and fears get in the way.

Doesn’t mean every single one is sold gold though (and that’s without the difficult and controversial topic of “Spirits get shit wrong sometimes”! :laughing: )


There is a tiny chance of validation - for example- when someone else is able to actually know about the gnosis, the words, the pictures, just ANYTHING that has been given to you by an entity without knowing you or your involvement at all. It happened to me a handful of times on here and thats how I know which person I can personally trust with messages/channelings.


I did a write up in my journal on second hand gnosis and why I don’t deal in it. In regards to this particular q&a, I have twice put questions out there that I already knew the answers to. And twice the answers weren’t even in the ballpark.


Thats great to get validation like that and consequently knowing who you can go to for authenticity.


I’ll need to have a look at that then would be interested to read.

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Remember though this forum started out for peer testing, and taking a fundamentally DIFFERENT route and approach to magick than the old faith and mumbo-jumbo models.

Putting your ass out there is hard work and while it’s easy to talk about trust, if someone is sincere it’s their work that we should be giving honest and constructive feedback on, NOT the quality of their personality, nor their reputation as a member. :thinking:

“Man in the arena,” and all that.

Everyone can get things wrong and that includes spirits.

Just treating things as more of a peer test and less of a religious pronunciation from on high, is IMO the way to go here.


You can look at it as exercise on the part of the channeler. The trouble is that many don’t and just uncritically gobble up anything put out there as gnosis. I have seen a disturbing lack of critical thinking going around in this regard. Testing and validation has gone out the window.


I have seen that too and I can understand it in a way as people are desperate to believe. I think definitely a questioning mind is the best policy, blindly believing is dangerous in my opinion. The saying having an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out is appropriate :blush:


Right. It’s a balancing act. When you are receiving gnosis you really have to open yourself up and shut off the critical mind. But afterwards, you gotta remember to turn the critical thinking back on. Spirit communications aren’t always what they seem to be


I agree, putting yourself out there is a big thing and if they are sincere then awesome…BUT do you think there are some that it is an ego trip for rather than the benefit of others?


We can bring that old cat back in though, by dropping a reminder where a topic seems to be being treated excessively as The One Truest Truth™ that we are here to peer-test, so share experiences as magicians, and not pronounce great truths, as though from on high. :thinking:

I mean, except my shit, you’re all gonna get tails one day whether you like it or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but find me a black magician with no ego. :wink:


Haha awesome :grinning:

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Ah yes thats a very true point.

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Here is the relevant journal entry


I thought vetting responses was a given. I also don’t think members flocking to Q&A threads lends to OP’s credibility.

People are just really attracted to the possibility of getting answers by nature.


It should be, but quite often isn’t