Q an A wit Lucifer CLOSED

3 questions


also, connection is slow and its causing me anxietybut im going to control

How is my working with Lucifer and Lilith going? :slight_smile:

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“tell him that he needs to work harder”

“do not have fear.”

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Work harder towards what? :sparkles: (sorry I’m asking another question, really curious)

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“in his evocation.”

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I want to know if he was behind what started to happen after I tried to open his sigil for the first time, and if he was, if there is any special reason for it.


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Is the book I’m reading about him (
The Devil’s Apocrypha) true?

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questions taken, :slight_smile: finished here

“i was not behind it.”

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“it is not true, and he shouldnt believe everything he reads.”

this is what i believe i heard


Thankyou so much! :sparkles:I think he told me to work hard because I usually spend not more than half an hour during evocation because it makes me nervous I will surely do more and work harder. :sparkles::heart:

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No problem @Gwydion22 sara

Im muting thread now so i dont get notified, :slight_smile:

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Thanks, man.

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Why, oh why am I always so late for these things :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:



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I know it’s closed but if you decide to reopen I have a question for him ! Please ask why am I feeling a calling from him again and again as I thought we had already connected and changed a situation, is he trying to make me do something?

I know this is closed but @StrengthenedWarrior could you pm me please if you can regarding any future channelings you may do?