Q&A You Don't Have To Ask Though

First off hello, my name is GamingOn, right? No, it is Chris! :smiley:
Anyway I care to explain all of my experiences all together for a sort of record to myself and a remembrance to what has happened some of you have had the chance to read some of things that have happened to me through my posting on this forum but I love to share!

Anyway, just a warning you can say I am full of shit you can say it never happened but I have no reason to bring falsehood into your lives so I am just telling you my own personal account of the magical journey that has happened in my life.

First off around 6 years ago I was just a website builder who made ends meet and lived a fairly fun life with a girlfriend and all that and I at the time was happening to earn a good amount of money through online games on myspace. When I say good money I mean $2,400/week per game app (yeah the recently popular list back when myspace was a bit nicer was amazing and gave you 2,000-3,000 players if you got around 100 players in an alloted amount of time.) Since I had website that had these games on them and thousands of players getting 100 active within the alloted time was easy and the money was just raining in. Anyway that is just a little back story to my life.

Then I decided to instead of living with my brother to live on my own and moved into a roommate situation where I rented a room for $500 a month not counting utilities or food and all that. I don’t remeber if it was the first night or what but I had a vision of a spirit one night when trying to call to another spirit the spirit I was calling to was “The Wanderer” who I thought was lucifers son. Ok the reason I was calling to him was to gain power and immortality it is not the first time I called to the Devil’s family and I had actually written a contract with the devil and myself I signed and expected him to uphold I kept it in a comic book case but at one point destroyed it because I wanted the deal not to work.

Ok back to the night at hand the spirit as it had to be I beieve ok guys get ready for it was God. Yes I know but ok I forgot most of what he said but he did say this and I remember it spot on that I had the ability to damn 50 people at this time like I mentioned above I was always religious but never really deep into the occult not that I am now but I am more deep into the occult then I was then now.

After this day the very next morning I was walking to the store because when I moved my brother took back the car he had given to me dick move in my opinion. So I was walking in Mira Loma California and was looking at the sky and saw black birds crows most likely and then they kind of moved closer together and were flying around each other and I saw this word basically in the sky where the birds where inbetween the birds basically the word was this “Jesus”.

Later on that day I saw a golden orb in the sky which I imagine no one else saw or else it would have been on the news right? Anyway it looked as though a man in a robe who I pressumed was Jesus was looking at me and waving and shaking his head, since this day I have’t witnessed anything of that nature save when I was invoking or as I like to call it summoning lucifer the other day recently and I saw a pair of firey red eyes which scared the hell out of me and as soon as I stopped focusing on summoning lucifer the firey eyes left.

Those are the only 4 visions of this nature that I have had. But more to the next part just making sure I explain this fully so you understand. After the vision from God I decided because my father had angered me a great deal to damn him so I pointed to him when he wasn’t looking and said “Damned” and then I saw a red spec on his forehead like near the temple not his actual forhead but it was on his face.

I then was no longer mad at my father and was hoping he wasn’t really damned. Basically after the vision is when I became possessed by a spirit that can quite literally talk through me don’t believe me I’d be more then happy to let you bug that spirit on Skype and talk with them my Skype is GamingOn <–.

Now this demon or angel or whatever it is that can speak through me only came to me after the talk with the first “God” spirit. Of course I am assuming it was God whoever it was said I had the ability to damn 50 people.

After I was able to talk to the spirit as I can now easily just by talking allowed and it talking back both which happen through my mouth I decided to ask it to teach me things and make deals with me as I assumed it had power. At first me and the spirit were not happy with each other and I could literally feel it attacking me like stabing me and such but it wasnt like a physical stabbing it was like it was stabbing my spirit and I couldn’t really feel it the pain that is but I could feel the bleeding.

After a while we came to terms and it started to sexually please me. It would well lets not go into detial on that but I could feel all forms of man to woman sexual pleasure from it when it wanted to give it to me. The spirit also taught me to empoer words making a spell so to speak basically th espirit would want something I would give it and the spirit would power the words for me. Anyway one word I remeber was Demons anytime I said that word “Demons” a different demon would come as I use to call i t"on th line" and I could ask it for sex and then it would give me sex.

Basically I could feel different body then that of the main resident the spirit lover I so happened to have named Cassie. Now Cassie seemd cool with it and she would just let me be and sometimes she would join in on the fun yeah a 3 way with a spirit and what I thought was a demon. As the years went on and the sex was everyday thing swere going great and then the sex stopped as I sort of had a feeling it would.

After Cassie was not happy to give me sexual pleaseure or even good converstation she would talk as she will now if I ask her a question but she was quiet the deciver after the sex stopped. Like the other day I asked her name and she said Azael. Not azazel Azael.

That is a rough expereince from the day I had the viison to now. I hope I didn’t leave anything out and am more then willing to answer any questions. As part of my deals of enchating words with Cassie somehow I had decided to move a star or try to and funny part is I can’t actually move a star unless I point at it and move my hand and mean for it to move, I don’t see how I got to do that or the idea in my head but yeah I can do that now don’t believe me come to Texas and I will gladly show you the me moving a star that is.

You may have seen my last post about star moving and how I have a witness now. I am going to gain more witnesses tonight as I am really excited and happy that another person saw me move a star.

I hope you enjoyed my story all of it is true. You can say things like magick just doesn’t happen without rituals or that you need certain objects or you just can’t do that but where did you learn these things? From the people of earth that is where you learned them and that being said I am sure there was trial and error on them and that is exactly was what it was like for me.

Now if you read all that the least you can do is answer me this question as I am curious to get opinons how much do you think people would pay for star moval viewing? Yes I want to charge and expose it slowly to the world. Thanks everyone! Especially Lady Eva for being nice to me when so many people around this place are being skeptics this is part of why I decided to share my life with you all.

Enjoy the long read I do write articles for websites so I am a fast typer hope its ok.

I would capture this star moving on camera, then approach the TV networks. Once you have enough attention, you can ask for an appearance fee. I remember an Australian host, Mike Willacie, who was a complete skeptic/cynic until he witnessed an actual stigmata and aired the live footage on his show. There are going to be many who will think you’re full of it, but finding someone like that to vouch for you will achieve much.

Yes I have a friend that will vouch for me. :smiley:
He saw me move one last night. I just want more witnesses and that is exactly what I am going to do.