Q&A with Gorka

I asked things of Gorka from kingdoms of flame. Look in your manuals to get the background on this charming entity.
Method used - sigil gazing with background candle and incense.

Me What is your function?
Gorka. My function is to cause death and destruction by the method of betrayal and abandonment by friends mentors role models and the ilk.

Me. Can you cause suicide?
Indeed. This is an elementary method of disposal a betrayal of the self.

Me. Elaborate on how suicide is achieved.
Drive the victim to despair and hopelessness and a disgust in himself. He will be moved to kill by a mix of rage self-loathing and anguish at life.

Me. Can you cause betrayal without murder.
This is a possibility the attempt is (an image popped into my head of a vehicle without a spark plug)

Me.How is making a mother kill her son accomplished?
She must see in him, the sum total of everything she despises in life and in other people. She perceives him as the embodiment of the opposite of her values principles beliefs and goals. She will slay him whens she feels responsible for spawning this evil - to correct a mistake.

Me. Can you drive someone away from their friends/vocation?
I can easily drive someone from their friends with fear and doubt. They may doubt themselves, be given conflicting emotions that will lead them to abandon their chosen path. This is betrayal of ones principles.

Me.Is your ultimate goal death?
My ultimate goal is despair and destruction. Death is usually the ultimate expression of this. It may be curtailed however.

Me. I feel drawn to you. Did I summon you or did you summon me?
I am the essence of despair and betrayal. You are not drawn to this but you are connected as these currents have washed over your life many many times. You wish to summon a symbol and an embodiment of that which has surrounded and hammered you.

Me.How can you protect the summoner from the specific calamities that are your domain?
I am the lord, I can halt despair in its tracks. I can show where things are falling apart in relationships and how to fix them. I can alert the summoner to possible traitors but cannot control them entirely.

Me. Wait - why can’t you protect me from traitors?
There is a conflict of principles and ideologies, they conflict with loyalty to a person. I can make someone go against themselves but cannot rearrange these values to suit you summoner.

I thanked the spirit for these insights and gave license to depart.


Hey Gorkas great, i called on gorka to see who would betray me in the future and he was spot on. He has a friendly energy so it was great talking with him


I love QaA’s with spirits.
The grimoires give an outline of their abilities,but these are just guidelines.
The spirits can do so much more with their power ic they are asked to explaiGreat Q&A brother.
Keep up the good work!

sigil please?