Q&A On My Livestream (Got Any Questions ?)

As many of you are probably aware I have a page aligned with occultism, black magick and practical spirituality. I will be doing a livestream in a few hours although, I know many of you always miss out on asking your questions.

So here is your chance, comment below your questions and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability and give those who comment a little shoutout too :blush:


Here is the page.




What should I do to perform a self-initiating satanic baptism?

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Okay that’s a good one.

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What is your strongest form of Magick? And how did you get so strong in it?

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How did you meet Satolas? What’s the origin of the Entity, based from your perspective?


Colour of auras and vampirism…how, to decipher these and how to know if you have, the, potential of becoming, a, vamp


Okay awesome anymore ?

How about the possession video? I think I remember you said you would have to make something about it in another video.

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Yeah that’s great too, what about possession ?

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I know of evoking and invoking. I’ve seen it mentioned before about if a human can possess another but never found anything on it. Even the usual entity possession or even channelling is popping up a lot more I noticed.

I have witnessed this before, but it’s really hard to wrap my mind around. This is an amazing question! Thanks for asking it. I know you and I have talked about it lot when I am losing my shit or having a sock sacred me at 3am becuse I am that on age.


Curious about the Infernal Obelisk. I was working with Azazel and he showed me this large obsidian obelisk with a ruby gem and gold flourishes that had different powers. I’d have to go grab my grimoire to check all the details. It seemed to be filled with knowledge, transformation and transportation to other realms.

Have you worked with all the watchers before? If so how are they? Also is it true that their energies can’t mix well with qlithotic energy?

The livestream is over :blush:

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Thank you all for your involvements, questions and support :blush: