I like fire and I want to learn scrying. A nice black/obsidian mirror is a little much of an investment for me right now, but I have a total $10 worth of cheap tea light candles and matches at my disposal. My current supply might last me a year or two. That being said, I have some trouble finding in-depth traditional pyromancy material. I do have information on spirits that can help me with the actual scrying (Caim especially), I just like to read information on traditional systems and practices to draw ideas, inspiration and general knowledge from.

Can anyone point me to a book or site? Even a small list of meanings would help. Thanks!

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All you need to fire scry is some 90 proof alcohol, and a fire proof dish. In his divination course, EA uses Everclear.

What do you mean, a “small list of meanings?” Meanings of what? Visions seen when scrying are specific to the individual usually, and only the scyer can interpret them. Or am I misunderstanding you?

By list of meanings I meant something like flame size or color correlation, as I read traditional pyromancy used plants and other flammable matter to get readings.

I’n not sure how effective the fireproof dish method would be for me because the only thing I have that’s completely fireproof is a tiny cauldron. Does the dish need to be shallow? Or does it not matter as long as there’s flame?

Oh, I see. I’ve never heard of using flame size or colour for readings. I think I misunderstood you. Using fire for scrying, you just gaze into the flame the same way you would with a black mirror or a bowl of water. It’s the vision you’re after, not the appearance of the flame itself.

As for the dish, it doesn’t have to be shallow, as long it’s not too deep. All you need is a flame. i use a small, aluminum bowl on a wooden stand… Your cauldron should work fine. You can even scry into a candle flame.

I apologize. i think I misread your thread. Scying is not the same as pyromancy. If I understand correctly, pyromancy is using the fire itself for divination, and that is where size, and colour of the flame matter. Scrying is gazing within the flame, as a medium for a vision.

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It’s fine, I thought both the scrying and divination were pyromancy but I probably confused something trying to research. So that’s my fault. I’m still interested in both though.

Thanks for your response.

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It is a bit confusing, but you are right. Scrying into fire can be classified under Pyromancy, which is defined as simply “divination by fire.”

According to wikipedia (not a very reliable source but the first to pop up in the mighty Oracle of Google) burning plants is called botanomancy and is a subset under pyromancy so I guess scrying would be too.

Simple candle mediation should be fine, if you are tryin to divine circumstances creating a sympathetic link with a taper or pillar candle should work fine for this.

Divining and scrying into flame are both covered in black magic of Ahriman. Mediation upon the blackened fire is one of the main foundation exercises in the book. You may want to check out the free chapter if this is of interest.

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