Hey all,

So I know this is going to sound either insane, fucking stupid, like wishful thinking or all of the aforementioned options, but I wish to learn pyrokinesis.

I’ve always been fascinated by fire, its beauty and the destruction it can leave in its wake.

Once I’ve opened my senses enough to see and hear at will, I wish to learn and master this.

Does any one of my lovely family members have any idea where to begin? Any comments? Discouragements? Favourite folk tunes?

Any and all answers are highly appreciated.

Take care and cheers,


my experiences with pyro comes after deep meditation…and then almost absent mindedly stating my intent…
so my suggestion is start with meditations.


oddly enough this “wishful thought” is what lead me down the rabbit hole of elemental magic EARRRLY(before 10) :laughing:

The next logical step was combining elemental energies (which by the can be akin to mixing nitro and liquid o2) never really focused on the physical side of elemental manipulations for long after my trip down the rabbit hole but i have had a few interesting moments that left me standing there thinking “ok when did i fall into a cartoon :thinking:


I have no knowledge on this field, but as it goes. Magick only stops where Your limits are.


Here’s a trick a friend taught me I’d call it basic pyrokineses

Alright so step one
Get yourself in a calm state whatever you have to do meditation, message whatever

Step two look at your first finger and will your energy into it

Step three start repeating to yourself “my finger is getting warm” or some variation of that

Step three everytime you start to notice your finger feeling different use a different more powerful adjective "my finger is on fire, my finger is hot ect ect

Step four keep repeating until your results manifest this technique is pretty easy to learn and if you do it right you should start to see your skin on your finger peel as if you held it over a fire

Anyways that’s all I got best of luck man


Is it hard to start learning and when can I find the right info on it

if you have patience no ,I started with hermetics and just kept digging. But i didnt have much patience when i was younger so it was kind like a kid tinkering with the supplies to make high explosives from scratch. Sometimes it blew up in my face so to speak.

But with the resources around now you can find some good places to start with a bit of research.

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Awesome! Energy manipulation is rather easy to me, so this will be great.

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Time for me to get started I guess lol

Forgot to add make sure the words you keep using to describe it keep getting strong like warm turns into hot

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And hot turns to burning, which turns to fire. Thats about what I was gonna try. In my half asleep state I started trying this and felt heat in my finger tip.


I wonder if this can be generalized to moving the energy build up outside of your body, say to a mug of water

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I’ve manifested shapes outside my own body that my partner could energetically feel. The one before them could too (and they were Normy as fuck). I’m sure it could be, just like any other energy work.

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Fire is pure energy. I can work with brother fire. It just takes time and acceptance from him to you.


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Just wanted to bump this and ask anyone whose tried it to share their results

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Getting ready to try for myself! Thanks for sharing guys​:100::pray:

I must have grown a lot because I casually tried one of those things where you try to burn your own finger (showed up somewhere on this forum) almost subconsciously and it worked hard and fast.

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