Pyrokinesis, or simple coincidence, did I burn "my" church?

A few years ago this happened to me:

I spent several nights and days awake (no drugs or anything just awake), one night I started to connect a lot of different situation in my life relating to christians, and when I finished to connect all that it came to me like an epiphany some really nasty information about them which made me totally angry, I think for the first time on my life I felt hatred at its full, I felt my heart and my insides burning in flames, it was such an intense feeling, and for a moment I wished them those fires they so talk about in their hell versions.

Next day, the newspaper hitted my window, and as I was still awake, I went outside to catch it, I just opened some random page, the news in that page, was about a fire that burn a church in my city, the time the fire took place must been around the time I felt what I felt that night.

now the really curious part of this was that when I did read the news, they wrote about the man who donated the church, I don’t remember his name now, but his surname was Montt, as my surname is, Montt is a really unique surname In the country I live, there are only a few and we are all related, so this means, he was an ancestor of mine…

this lend me to the thought, that I might have caused the fire pyrokinetically, sounds weird but there’s too much coincidence.

(Anyway I don’t feel that hatred to christians anymore).

but I have always wondered if that’s the way pyrokinesis work, at least in a wild state, not channelling it

What do you think???

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It’s not impossible. Perhaps you actually did it!

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