Pyramids & Oil

Do you think it would be okay to rub oil on a pyramid made of Obsidian, Jasper and Smokey Quartz blend? I know gemstones can handle oil because I’ve rubbed it on plenty of stones before for some strange spells, but I’m really just wondering if rubbing oil on it would interfere with the energy it puts out in any way?

My first thought is no, the oil will permeate the crystal in microscopic amounts, and block the crystal matrix from being able to grow more in future, when our possessions are buried waiting for arch - oh I’m sick of typing that word, dudes who dig up old things. :o)

But there could be a compelling reason to do it, which its spirit accepts, so my best suggestion is, ask the crystal itself somehow, through Tarot or a pendulum swung right over it, and holding the oil in your other hand.

So the oil would probably harm the crystal portion of the pyramid then? All of the minerals are not mixed together, they are in separate layers, very unique design.

I would think the oil would coat the crystal on a microscopic level, not so much hurt it as prevent it from being able to grow in future. But I think asking the crystal is the right way - I’ve done that before, and the results are better if all the spirits involved are in armony, it may not mind at all.