Putting altar in room when you have a roomate?

Keep in my mind my roommate is also my landlord. He’s a very carefree dude but I have a feeling if he sees it , espically this early on , he’ll be like wtf

What about when you have girls over too ? He’s hardly ever here so the place is practically mine but what if the chick wants to check out my room ? It’s very small but I don’t feel like putting my altar in my closet every time I have people over.

Simply make it unobtrusive. Put it in a corner, and only put basics on it like candles and say you use the candles as a focus for meditation. Most people are at least familiar with the concept of meditation so you will probably just get a “oh, that’s nice.”

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I don’t actually have stuff out on an alter, I just have tools/offerings whatever, in a drawer.

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Did you know that voodou spirit where worshipped throught catholic saint in the past.
Not only it mean that it’s not the aspect or the apparence of the altar that determine who you are communicating with but your intent and beliefs
But also that making a “scary” dark strange altar isn’t always necessary, maybe you could even use Christian/cultural alter as a support for left path idk
That’s also the best blasphemy you could do lol


Yup, catholic saint hid the yoruban dieties, so they could worship in the open. Pretty clever.

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Make an a small alter with doors on it.

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Living in a basement suite I wonder what I can do sometimes. I want to do the ugly stick curse but after I do it I need to clean every room in the house using water mixed with some sort of sea salt in a chalice. I do not have access to the upstairs suite. Landlords live upstairs. So it makes me wonder if I should do my ritual where I live.

I kinda know what its like when you feel limited because of someone elses presence.