Putting a love spell/ binding spell on or inside an object

is it possible/ how can it be done? let’s say i bought my boyfriend a stuffed animal and i want it to secretly have a binding spell on it between the two of us or a lust spell between the two of us. has anyone done this? maybe even cutting open the back, putting the reminents of a spell inside it then sewing it back up?


That can totally be done! A safer alternative would be to make a powder out of love related herbs and blow it on the stuffed animal after charging it. There are plenty of love powder recipes online but I’ve found it easier to simply choose the appropriate herbs that I can actually get and create my own powder. As far as herbs go, you can’t go wrong with rose petals (preferably dried for the powder), cloves, cinnamon powder, lavender or lilac, and if you need a good carrier powder to collect all the crushed ingredients, corn meal, flour, or cinnamon powder are all excellent choices. But be careful with the cinnamon as it can be harmful if inhaled.


Yes, this what is done the most, for love spells!

When i was a child and learned to read, i saw something in a wall, a aunt of mine have put there in secret…but i saw it!
I went to investigate, and i remember it was that:
A red pepper , plenty of salt, and inside of it, it was write:
“All of women desiring my man , will not anymore,
My men will never desire any other woman the me”

I was a kid and the general idea was that, even if she must be worded it differently!

It is not my stuff, but it could help someone else!^^

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