Putting a demon in an object

How do I put a demon into a “vessel” for help gaining it’s power .


I think if you put its sigil on an item and ask that it use the item as a gateway. When I was first working with Lord Belial I got a very strong pull to put his sigil on an item. I have not tried it but I think it’s worth a shot.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Ea Koetting did something like this with his goat skulls for the nine demonic kings.
In a general summary of what he did;
He found some goat skulls and painted them (not sure about the painting of the skulls but it has purpose). He then would call on the demon that he designated for one of his skulls. He did rituals with the demon and through each ritual would begin to establish a stronger and stronger connection between the demon and the vessel. He did this until the skull became a vessel for the demon.
This is what i think he basically did… In a general sense… And i think if you want to do that with another object then by all means try it.

Just have a vessel you want and then begin evoking the demon and working with him or her and have the demon connect with the vessel and eventually the vessel will become that demon’s vessel. It just takes time and work but that is the harder way to do it i guess.

But just simply having a demons sigil on an object would make that object a draw for the demon to use it as a vessel.


I did that on a collar that I am wearing as a bracelet. As I was doing my evokation at some point I took the collar in my hand while talking to the demon and I knew a sign was on it related to the way he appears with me but I was in the complete dark I just knew so I put the light on the collar and I’ve seen the eye.

The demon wanted me to house him into it what I did, It gives you a connexion different than when you evoke / invoke. I can have a fluid conversation with him which is bizarre for me because usually it’s less fluid in evok/invok.

Oh and for how I did it well he just proposed and I thought about it then I said what do I need to do for you to come in it “just accept” and voilà so no need to do some ritual or anything in the case of the demon wants to be housed in it. But I wouldn’t do it with a demon that doesn’t want to be in your object.

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Hiya! IME, you put a Spirit in an object by taking the ‘feeling’ of the Spirit and pushing it into the object until you feel the object ‘looking back’ at you. By putting the Spirit’s power into something, you can make a miniature version of the Spirit by putting enough of the power into the object. It’s almost like a kid! :slight_smile:


Is it possible to make a Demon empower / consecrate an item, such as maybe a ring into a talisman, which will hold the power of that particular demon.

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Obtain the item, cleanse the item of all energy.

Fumigate the object using incense which is associated with that particular demon.
Take five candles, shape them into a pentagram, light it and place the object in its center.

Summoning the actual demon, structure/visualise a great light above the object, the demon won’t have form yet as you haven’t structured it, so it will materialise as a blanket manifestation which is all around the room.

Focus on your Zeal Chakra, Recife ‘Alash Tad Alash’tal ashtu ‘. This is used to bind demons recite it over and over, inhale deeply visualise and feel the chakra pull in energy like a vacuum, sucking in the entirety of the demons presence, then as you exhale push that into the light above the object. Recite the name of the spirit various times, then pull the light down and down and down while reciting ‘Alash Tad alash’tal ashtu ‘.

Push this light into the object, place both your hands on the object, visualise your energy moulding energetic walls to stop the presence and power and consciousness of the demon form leaking out.

As you do this vibrate the name of the demon, as this happens you’ll feel the entity solidify and become solid inside the object.

Now the demon is successfully bound to the object, now seal it by offering your own blood onto the object.