Puting a distance beetwin two personns

Hey brothers and sisters
I’m looking for a demon who could help me puting distance beetwin two personns. They are not lovers, they are just two personns that I don’t want to see in the same place, one being able to parasite the mind of the second with stories of our past together if they come to meet. So I would like this two to never meet, and I know that there will be several occasion for this in the coming month.
I would prefer a demon for the invocation PDF “becoming a living god”, if you know one. If you don’t, any demon would be wellcomed too.

Whydon’t you just use your own power? I always advocate making an actual relationship with spirits you wish to employ.
Use a hot foot spell to send the person you don’t like away.

Fucking Thank You!

People seem to rely on spirit too much and want them to handle tasks a spell using your own power and intention could just as easily solve. When you do it yourself you have FAR more control than hoping the particular way and entity chooses to work will gel with your own views of the goal.

Magick is not exact, at least not in my experience, your still making somewhat broad strokes but at least when your in control instead of handing off the problems to someone else you have more wiggle room.

I agree TWF. I must admit that I am a spirit addict, I still perform spellwork by own power. I just prefer spirits due to their ability to vastly empower the rite.
However, sometimes ya just need to do it yourself. I think this is specially true for beginners. They shouldn’t be using spirits from the beginning but should learn how to tap into their own power.

Well I must admitt that I’m confortable with evocation, but that I don’t have real basics in manipulation. To be honnest for exemple, a good evocation with the present method is not really time consuming, one hour maybe with the preparation. I use to look for mind manipulation with old european stuff like profesor Donato and Servanx brothers or Mesmer. They all advice to take time each day to slowly influence the changes days after days. Never practice it, but that looks a little bit slow to me compared to an evocation .

When I started my occult practices I jumped straight into evocation.
You know happened? Fuckin nothing.

A good way to establish your own power is to start off with small goals with simple spells like candle majick.
Don’t expect fireworks and demons rising up to serve you your first time doing anything occultish.
It’s not that the demons aren’t there for you because of your new ways it’s just that evocation isn’t as simple as a lot of occult authors market it to be.

When I was on my path to working with Hecate a guardian spirit that was given to me by a respected member of this forum told me that Hecate KNEW I had the power but I had to prove myself by USING it.And if I did the road to her embrace would not be long
So I did some simple spellwork and called on Hecate and she greeted me with open arms.

I’m not claiming to be master adept super mage.A lot of my spells were hit and miss but I learned from my mistakes and I still am.I still approach ritual wrong sometimes but that’s why a journal is important.
1.To see how much you’re growing and 2.Learn from your mistakes.

See how you approached the ritual.
Did you have a set intent or did you just want to see if it would work?
Did you have enough desire for the outcome or did you just not release it completely?

One of my problems is not building my desire up enough.
Even though the desire is there sometimes you gotta amp yourself up to build enough emotion to push into the ritual.

For example: We all desire money and to be stable financially. But when you go into ritual do you tap into that desire?
Think of how tired you are of stressing over bills.Think of how sick it makes you that you just “get by” and can’t afford to buy things you want.Think about other people around you or hell even people you’ve just heard of having financial success and “living the good life”.
Let that build up into a whirlwind of emotion and desire and release it I’m ritual in whatever emotion manifests.
If being broke makes you mad use that anger.If it makes you sad pour your heart out.
You get the idea.

These are things majicians new and adept should think about.

Sorry for the ramble but there’s my 2 cents ya’ll.

Well, I pretty had the opposite experience
I started magick with stuff like Macumba, psionic stuff, and magnetism.
I got some results indeed, mainly with healing people, or gaining charisma, but wasn’t really “awesome”. I could directly affect life events with that, I was only able to direct or chanel energy in a certain place. Even Macumba and projecting intentions to curse someone didn’t get me a lot of results, maybe small coincidences, but that’s all. I used during years the books of Franz Bardon to enforce visualisation, spirituals senses but even with that, results was pretty little.
When I jumped into evocation using the method of E.A in his video programm, everything change quickly. All I had to do was to open the sigil, follow the instructions and most of the times, results happened quickly. Sometimes, I take more time to occure, but it always comes, even if sometimes in a funny or very ironic way when the situation looks absolutly “locked” at the begining.
Of course I’m not promoting E.A method above all, this is just the way that works for me.

That’s why most of the time, I prefer using evocation . Indeed, influence also work, but I consider evocation the royal way.