PUTIN and the posibility of a TERMO NUKLEAR WAR LET"S STOP IT

Trying to curse a politician wouldn’t do much of anything. Like using people as meat shields, politicians are essentially natural scape goats for Social and Magick attacks. Why do you think they get paid alot of money? Just look at how Obama’s hair has grayed so much.

Yes, I noticed that - he looks like hell right now. Whatever has caused that has to be beyond sleepless nights and the basic responsibilities of the job (whether or not you think he’s doing it well)?

I think Obama is a puppet while Putin is more in control. If you ever see him he always has a cocky smirk on his face. He isn’t interested in global politics which is why he ignores the sanctions placed by the EU

It seems you insinuate that if the West was pushed into a corner, it would NOT use nuclear weapons out of some noble and lofty set of honorable ideals or something… you dont actually think that, do you?

I dont think Putin is the one that needs to be stopped, honestly, on this particular world stage…

That post’s from 2014, and the OP last logged in a year ago. Just saying. :slight_smile:

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The idea that Russia and the USA would annihilate each other with nukes is old. In fact Russia almost launched it’s nukes on us due to a glitch in it’s warning system. if it wasn’t for one quick thinking guy we’d be dead or unborn

But lets not forget there are those nowadays who believe that Communists, Nazi’s, Jews, Dictators and Illuminati are trying to take over slowly utilizing “Psychological Warfare” where they live in their own alternate world. Now I am no conspiracy theorist, on one account it could be true, and on another account it could not be true, but then again only certain elements could be true.

Being in the military (past) I very well know how they like to play head games and the various levels of headgames higher ups utilize. You will never know until you go there; and you will never know until that moment, so all you can really do is play off theories or educated guesses.

Best one I found had 9,999 Hitlers from different dimensions working as a committee, to plot a pan-dimensional attempt to take over multiple Earths from the South Pole.

9,999 Hitlers - firstly, fuck them for not making it a pleasingly rounded 10,000, and secondly, what happened - were 8,759 Hitlers not quite Führer-ish enough for the task or something? They just needed to keep ramping up that number, until it hit a critical Hitlermass? And would adding just one more have been, y’know, too over the top, or something?!

Then I started to really freak out - the one thing I think we can all agree is that Adolf Hitler permanently annihilated a specific style of moustache, which will never again be wearable without drawing stares and presumptions.

Not a very attractive style, thankfully, though I wish Himmler had done the same for granny glasses, but anyway - that’s a facial hair image so dead it will probably never make it back to fashion.

So, I thought to myself, there’s a strong chance the 9,999 Adolphs have adopted a wide range of facial and head-hair configurations, to differentiate themselves - what are we going to be left with by the time this is all over?! O_o

So, I sent a postcard to “All the Hitlers
South Pole Base
Left of the crashed spaceship” (can’t remember if there was a spaceship in that theory, but there usually is) and basically as a good upstanding member of the Master Race, asked them to please enjoy styling themselves with the mullet, the rat-tail, mutton-chop sideburns and the soul-patch at will - but for the love of the Volk, please leave all the other hairstyles alone! >.<

I haven’t had a reply yet, but if they emerge forth with a range of stylish quiffs and go anywhere near a goatee, it’s DEFINITELY the end of the world!

^ Hands off, Adolph! Mullets are a good look for the working modern man, trust me on this…

I am no fan of any government and I personally would love to see all world leaders in shallow graves and the rights of the land and rule given back to the people. So in my opinion why not create a master sigil for the demise of all world leaders who stand for only rule through oppression. Its kind of one ringish out of the lord of the rings but it’s reasonable. I’m tired of people deciding our fates for us in a pissing contest over no real justifiable reason.

But then, isn’t that what we’re doing? :slight_smile:

“Black magicians try to take over the world” - it’s kind of the same thing.

No-one voted for me to have the kind of power I intend to get for myself! :o)

I say sod the higher moral ground, and go purely for what you want from life, society, whatever - you can spend forever angsting about who’s in the right and who’s most moral, and you can bet some bastard will be stabbing you in the back throughout the soul-searching.

JMO! :slight_smile:

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Yep, seems like it was posted during the Ukraine thing. I think the Putin-phobia is probably mostly over now.

Amazing how swiftly people can become whipped into an irrational emotional frenzy via the MSM to serve a specific purpose, regardless of if there is reason for it or not.

“Putin wants to take over the world” :rolleyes:.

Dont even have the inclination to delve into how silly that showing by the hyper-reactionary public was 2 years ago by people who should have known better.

Ill just say… yeah, 2 years later… no world take over… no world take over attempt… no nuclear holocaust… no war (despite the Wests poking relentlessly)… makes every single alarmist from back then look like a total fool. I guess if you lived in Ukraine and you are brought up to totally hate Russia and Putin, its somewhat understandable if not excusable. But if you do not live in Ukraine and were not under those influences, well… just a sheep being tugged around by the hook in its nose.

Asuly’s Ukrainian, seemed like a pretty sincere guy. :slight_smile:

We have a thread in the Q&A predicting the end of the world 9 days ago…

I agree Eva I just meant those in power who shouldn’t have power and as anyone can can develop power there are some of us myself included who are just born this way wanting to change the world to our own image. And I agree the more I view morals the more I kind of shy away from some of them. I view only what I want whether it be “morally” right. This is a concept which is the product of the beholder. The American government is terrible and personally if a few people are going to cause the demise of many nations they need to be silenced. Once again its kind of extreme but its just how I feel realistically yes we are kind of similar however we as magicians really don’t oppress each other in a way we all share a dark motive that aligns just enough to unite us. And that principal is ascent and open mindedness. Some people curse and hex each other yes but usually only at great need. But once again as we have stated we all have our opinion and I appreciate yours :slight_smile:

And by power now that I think of it when I’m talking about the government I mean political power just to clarify