Pushing through the uncomfortable sensations

Whenever I attempt to project from a wakeful state (as opposed to half asleep, the only times I’ve managed to make an exit so far), I inevitably either feel my heart start pounding/vibrating so hard I lose focus; or, more often than not, my astral limbs feel like they’re stretching and it’s really uncomfortable.

A simple Google search shows this isn’t that uncommon, but the only advice they really give is ignore and keep going. My problem is the feelings are so distracting, and feel so physical I get out of theta state and inevitably my mind starts running off the rails, it’s a whole downward spiral.

So, anyone here come up with any ways either to bypass these sensations altogether, or even accelerate through them? Maybe I’m just being impatient, but this happens every time, it’s getting frustrating, and there are things to do and friends to fuck with!

Any of you experienced astral walkers have any advice?

Never had that happen, and I always project wakeful and not in sync.

So… sorry, I can’t help you.

I’m not an “experienced astral walker” yet but from my actual work, here is my answer.

The key to AP is both RELAXATION and FOCUS.
Seems that you handle pretty well the former, so now you have to work on the latter and strenghten it to the point that those sensations wont distract you no more.

How could you achieve that ? By repetition. The more you get accustomed to a sensation, the less it becomes distracting. Today, vibrations are not distraction to me anymore because I’ve learnt to deal with them, and even to like them. Same with what happens to you (heart pounding etc). The more you will experience them, the less they will be disturbing.

Another solution would be to keep on doing what worked for you so far : AP from half alseep state), so that a) you dont have to go through sensation you dislike/can’t handle, and b) because if it works already this way why “lose” some time to try to AP another way ?


Oh, I’m definitely still attempting projection after waking, the downside to that is it’s only doable on weekends/days I’m not working.

I guess my main frustration is that so many people say the first projection is the hardest, and afterwards it should come much easier, and that hasn’t been the case for me.

Just curious, Eye, how long did it take you to get accustomed to the vibrations?

I understand the issue.
However, it is still possible once in a blue moon to try a WBTB technique on week days. Just once wont disturb your general sleeping schedule and wont get you too tired for your job.

At some point I was WBTBing every morning. Calibrating well the parameters (time I was going to bed, amount of 1st sleep cycle, time of wandering) I could still attempt every night and still go to work.

It was hard maybe the 1st days but as with everything, your body&mind get accustomed to the new schedule and adapt.

However, if you dont feel at your ease with weekdays attempts, then keep on just sticking to weekend days

I’ve stopped believing all I read about AP for quite some times now. I’ve learnt that everyone is different, and that there’s not miracle method nor feelings.

For me neither, it is not easier today because I have some past AP under my belt. This is still a hard thing for me to accomplish and I’m still working to be able to project on a regular basis.

I wouldnt analyse the thing in term of tim since it only bothered me the 1st time.

What I did is that I took some times afterwards to program myself to get accustomed to those unpleasant sensations. I told myself that I would have in any case (at least at the beginning) to feel them. So I sat and meditate and “reharsed”, remembering the feeling of the vibrations in order to get accustomed to them. Everyday, even at work or at the grocery I would get the souvenir of the past projection and would think about those vibrations as well. I did that so that I would be prepared for the next time they would occur.

Another axis I worked on is that it was so hard for me to get to that stage that I didnt want to spoil the whole thing when the vibrations would come because of the unpleasant feeling they would give. In short, my will to project was > than the unpleasant feeling. I worked on that axis too.

So, after what I said above, the second time I had those vibrations I was ready to stay focused because : a) I was expecting them to come and had prepared myself to that ; and b) I wanted so bad to project that in no way they would prevent me from projecting.

Sorry for the long post.

Oh god, please don’t apologize, that was incredibly helpful! This is why I come here and ask questions in the first place, I always find what I need :slight_smile:

Due to some insomnia issues I can’t much alter my sleeping schedule on days I need to work, however before my next projection attempt I’m definitely going to set aside some meditation times to focus on these feelings exclusively (if I can manage to get them when I’m actually expecting them, hah). If I’m expecting it, hopefully it won’t be as irritating, and hopefully I’ll be back here soon with some more success stories :slight_smile:

Thank you, Eye!

Glad I could help a bit.

Yeah, reharsing the unpleasant feeling definitely helps.

Besides, even if you have the feeling that your physical heart is bumping like crazy, it isnt. The rushing heartbeat has more to do with your heart chakra activating than your physical heart. So don’t worry, you’ll be fine even if you feel it beating faster and faster :wink:

GL !!

This stuff happens to me allllll the time. Ive learned one thing for managing the discomfort, and that is to just let go. You’re used to feeling “normal”, but the fact is that you are putting yourself in a state that is anything BUT normal, and the more you try to fight it, the worse you’re going to feel.

In that sense its kind of like taking a hallucinogen, where the more you try to constrain the trip into what you want, the worse things will get. Just try changing your outlook, and welcome anything new that comes to you. Dont get caught up in how youre “supposed” to feel, just feel! Every new experience will bring new sensations.

Ive noticed that in magick, theres a required ability that involves being able to both let go and let the infinite take over, while at the same time not losing yourself to fear and wonder, and keeping your goals and willpower within close reach. Be both submissive and domineering

Every now and then I run some experiments where I try to remote influence people’s dreams. You could say that’s a type of projection. I’ve only experienced what you’re talking about with one specific person.

This guy I consider a master of magical protections. Honestly, I thought he might have been full of shit. But when I tried to do him, my heart started beating really weird. At first I thought it was a heart attack, but it didn’t seem to harmful. I totally know what you mean when you say it’s distracting. That’s an understatement!

The second time I tried to target this person, it was my father (who was in the same house) that reported strange heart beat irregularities right when I was doing my thing. So weird.

I was thinking that kind of strange heart thing happens when you try to target someone who has magical defenses up. I’m obviously basing that off a very small pool of experiences.

So my question to you BlackLamb, is do you think the people your were targeting when experienced the heart thing could have had magical defenses up? If not I’ll have to reconsider it’s link to magical defense and look into it being related to projection.