Pushing the Current

As many know, i shy away from fortune telling normally.

However, with the Devil gene,
some of the revilations i recieved seem to be just to far out there.

Like for example becoming a species which can live independantly from planetary bodies.

So, i’d love anyone who wants to practice Divination,
to drop their 2 cents. :smiling_imp:

Regarding, this:

[Editation Note: This research is ongoing, the entry may still change.]




Great, i am looking forward for these insights :star_struck:

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I can do a reading bro…if u like…


Ah, pity I didn’t have the opportunity to read that comment :frowning:

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Same i was linked as well and i only contributed a couple sentences :joy::joy:


sorry guys, was a typo.

I was looking for a private message but ended up in a topic.

My bad. :wink:




Since you requested me to expand on this work when i get more information,
and i wasn’t really sure where else to put this…

Right after i contemplated how to make my Magic Square,
i found new information popping up towards me.

Because from what i can see, there wasn’t one congurent complete Topic around my Work on Planetary creation,
which made me have to scrap these things back together a bit,
to get the informations back into line.

of course that’s not fully confirmation yet.

But i can see at least some potential,
of it ligning up with my work i had placed out for myself,
to give me a motivation which would motivate existance and keeping alive indefinately,
therefore increasing my likelyhood to successfully develop and stay in alignement with immortality.

Hope this doesn’t butcher the String of information to much tho.

So the new discovered information,
or basically first time heard outside of balg,
was these videos:

That’s posting them in the exact order i recieved them.

Which was condensed closely enough,
to both make clear to me that i’m not having coincidence here,
but rather manifestation,
but also made me want to expand further on my Topic about how to make Planets.

(unless i’ve found that i never wrote such topic detailed,
because probably i figured back than,
pretty much no one would believe me that i’m actually working on that,
and if someone questioned,
how should i proove it apart from having them travel there with my in Soul Travel? xD)