Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

Thank you so much, mate! your readings are always encouraging and remind me to keep pushing on my path.

Infernal Blessings

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@Jonny_somthing I would like a reading aboit a girl i was seeing, she WAS into me but it fell apart and things happened i want to know how i can get her back the simpilest way to describe the situation was it was relaxed and then it wasnt after a day literally overnight.

Does she want to be with me?
Is she “testing me”
Or has she discarded me in the sense that you would in the datings dynamics.

It has followed my thoughts and i would like to know what to do.

The situation cant seem to resolve out of her feelings so im really confused and looking to restore the initial feelings from the start however things keep interfering

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Going to use dragons script for this this reading
There seem to to be a strong attraction between the two you but she seem adamant of holding her thoughts back in the relationship looks like some thing within this person need balancing before there willing to commit to the relationship. It seem the person is reveiw there choice and in her Indecisiveness her energy has become very stagnant.

Any feedback as appreciated as I’m still learning this new form of divination.

@Jonny_somthing your not wrong. She is not mentally ready for me but she is attracted to me. She has a boyfriend but she still talks with me. And ive been in no contact for about 9 days now and i got told that she wanted to get ahold of me and say she was wrong about me. She does have me blocked on her phone and social accounts though

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Sounds complicated problem is present in the element of wind you will find your solution under the element of fire to help with her stagnant energy so she more willing to take action it may bring you to your desired out come but also closure about the situation. Also thank for the feedback helpful for my work with the dragons

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@Jonny_somthing Hello there! I would kindly request a reading.

Don’t have time today but did you have particular question in mind or did want general reading.

general would be perfect and please do it when you have time. thank you!

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can i have reading please

Welcome @Apalki It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so before asking members for readings, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practice, areas of interest, etc:


For money would be perfect and please do it when you have time. thank you!

Any messages ?

Overall this spread for money doesn’t look good it says that you have people do not want see your success when comes to money and you should reevaluate your options and relationships seem the current path you have chosen is a uphill battle and you should be more cautious toward what tell people about your financial endeavors.

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See alot of choices to go in a new direction for self betterment which in involves leaving people form home or a work behind in search of balancing mental and emotional self. The stones tell me something might be owned to you or you own something to someone. Lasty there many thing that need to be workout internal to find self love.

Any feedback is appreciated

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Hey @Jonny_somthing can I get one? A general reading