Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

If you are willing, I would like another reading, two of them, if I am perfectly honest, but they are interrelated.

Andras reading. What is needed with him to get what I want.

And, the destiny of my baneful magick. It has not been successful. I have removed obstacles. Focalor and Vine have as well. Glasya-Labolas has heard. What obstacles bar my path still to success?

Hey if you still offer readings, i want one a general one is better thanks.

@Twilight and @Akhtyahussein alway willing to help but can’t say when if your patience with me I can find time get your readings out.

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Hello @Jonny_somthing, I would like to have a general one too if you don’t mind. Thank you


Could I get a general reading on my path?

Thanks for reading.That girl was Naamah daughter.I am emotionally tired,you are correct.I have many problems,and it is really hard to solve them alone,but i feel that she helping me.

There’s a lot to think about, but it resonates really well. I took a day to think about this, apparently, I have to drop more weight.
Thank you so much for your reading, friend :slight_smile:

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Please can i have one in general @Jonny_somthing ?Thanks

Of course, go at the pace you are able.

If you’re still doing them, I’d love a reading. Whenever you can.

If you already have payment in mind for Andres he said it would be sufficient but he said you might get in the way of your own magick. He speak of focusing your intent and building more apon your foundation when working with magick. He speak especially mastery of the mind when moving forward.

The cards speak of action and how the mind body and soul should be in sync to bring the dream in to reality six of birds and five of lotuses speak of lose I don’t think it refering directly to you but you might lose something of value in this battle I believe it speak of your target. Any feedback is appreciated thank you for your patience.

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Will I be able to fix my life ?

This a decent spread it seem you been diligent with the work of your endeavors looking for creative avenues to manifest your goals. Discipline seem to be key in this stage of your life remember to remain focus when exerting your energy careful of over indulgences. Lasty the cards talk of success but your understanding of it there many things must give up if wish for success but most I see within the heart bring mental clarity in to your life and remember to be you and fellow your inner compass harness the the power of creation and breath your dream into reality. Believe in it.

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Lot energy for change but as if its now or never situation the start of something but you seem eager to take on new challenges that awaits all go to say is fellow your heart on this on channel the emotions in something manifest what chase to your heart content spot light will be on you in end don’t stop push yourself. Cards stress the importance of emotional energy yourself and others. Be mindful of your influences.

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Thank you :wink:


Hello, thanks again for reading. I’m sorry if I ask for another one so quickly but I have several small questions if you don’t mind.

Is there a spirit with me? if so who is he? If not, what spirit would like to work with me?

last little thing a few days ago i was starting to fall asleep, while i was dozing in a mini dream i saw the name of Asmodeus, was it really him or was it nothing?

Sorry again for these questions and bad english, but if you can’t, it doesn’t matter, thank you. Have a nice day :grinning:

Hey, could i get a romance reading on if Im making progress towards getting a girlfriend?

thank you i know what you are talking about

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Thank you for the reading, Jonny_something. I think you are 99% on track. That part about me getting in the way of my own magick does seem to be rather telling. The concerning about about losing something in the battle is perhaps the biggest reveal. Perhaps me interfering is what may lead to such a loss? But what will be lost? Hopefully it is the target that is spoken of. The problem is that there are definitely things to lose here. I think Andras is absolutely on track, and your divination too, that mastering my foundation and getting everything syncronized will be vital before performing a working of this emotional attachment.

Your accuracy is astonishing! Keep it up, and you will surely become a Master Diviner who can learn any and all mysteries!

Question: what is your deck called, and what led you to use it?


I’m not necessarily in my right mind as I’ve lost touch with reality in my work but it’ll pass it’s the reason I haven’t given any reading as of late but to answers your question the deck is cosma visions is a reflection of the original 72 tarot deck which is called the prisma visions tarot in James R. Eads series as they refections the can be use in tandem in spreads. Thing that caught my attention was the art it tell a story which can make easier for my interpreting them. Also @Twilight I appreciate the feedback thanks alot.